Pilot International Club is a worldwide organization that focuses on helping others. Since the ’70s the club has given away over one million dollars in grants and accomplished much more in an effort to help others.

The volunteer service organization, Pilot International Club, is made up of about 9,000 members and 400 Pilot based community clubs. There are 19 different districts that the community clubs are based out of. These districts range from across the United States to Japan.

The Pilot International Club focuses on helping those affected by brain related diseases and disorders.  Many clubs use fundraisers to help raise money for their causes.

There is also a high school program called Anchor Clubs – made up of members who also strive for the same goal as the Pilot International Club and have the desire to help others.

The following are some of the projects the Pilot International Club and Anchor Clubs fund and may choose to hold fundraisers for:

  • Grants that are offered to help improve the lives of those affected with brain related disorders.
  • Scholarships are offered to students pursuing a vocation to work with the disabled and want to help others.

There are also conferences and educational materials released to help raise awareness about brain related disorders. The club has a series of programs called BrainMinders. This program helps promote safety and injury prevention to children by teaching lessons like the importance of wearing a helmet.

The Pilot International Club has also worked with the Alzheimer’s Association’s Memory Walk.

To learn more about the Pilot International Club organization you can visit their website and learn how you can get involved.

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