Perpetual Fundraiser

Perpetual Fundraiser

What is it?

A perpetual fundraiser is a low-maintenance, ongoing way to continually raise funds without closing out and restarting another fundraiser. There is no fixed end date, providing potential OPTIONS and OPPORTUNITIES for your group.

Benefits of a Perpetual Fundraiser

After initial setup, an online perpetual fundraiser can basically run itself with help from consistent promotion from your group. How?

Rada Cutlery’s Social Media Toolbox has everything you need to promote your fundraiser, with a wealth of helpful ideas to make it super easy for you. Choose from our professionally developed photos, videos, posters, sample text, and guides then post them on Facebook and other social networks where you have a presence. Post often enough so your followers know your fundraiser exists. You can do this WITHOUT worrying about becoming overbearing.

  • The photos we provide are designed with eye-catching images that also tell your supporters that you are selling Rada Cutlery as a fundraiser. Just click, save, and share.
  • Copy the link for one of our videos and your supporters can hear customer testimonials or an overview from the perspective of a fundraising group. As always, be sure to share your group’s Online Group Store link so your group gets credit for purchases.
  • Our posters are fully customizable so you can fill in YOUR group’s fundraising information. Then either share on social media or print and hang them around your community.
  • Not sure what to say in a social media post or email? We’ve got you covered with sample text for you to copy and share or to give you inspiration.
  • Our guides were developed to help walk you through the process of setting up a Facebook group, event, post, or LIVE video. If you’ve got questions, these Facebook guides have the answers.

An ongoing fundraiser gives you time to build a larger following and get more involved with “your community,” whether you consider your community to be online friends and family or the people who live near you geographically.

These social media tools make self-promotion simple so you can continue doing other things, while your fundraiser works its magic.


You could choose to continue to promote your online fundraiser without any type of “planned event,” for a slow-but-steady income potential while creating a hands-free way to earn funds.

With a little more effort, you could choose to run a continuous fundraiser by holding several different types of events, both online and face to face. Getting creative can inspire individuals to give even more. Set up a table at fairs, farmers’ markets, or other events, letting customers order via Catalog. Or use our Express Sales to sell your choice of a single best-selling product safely packed in individual plastic tubes for a simplified fundraiser.

With Rada Cutlery, you can run your fundraiser ANY way that works for you–face-to-face Catalog sales, Online sales, or a combination of both. YOU decide when to start fundraising and how long you want to continue to sell. The best thing about a Rada Cutlery Fundraiser is that people already know and love our products, making them EASY to sell. And your group earns a 40% profit on your sales. It couldn’t be easier!

ANY Non-Profit Can Participate

    • Youth or adult sports teams;
    • School events like band, prom, cheer & dance teams, PTA groups;
    • Church groups raising funds for mission trips or repairs;
    • Pet rescues in need of funds for ongoing support;
    • And more!

ANY non-profit group is the RIGHT group for a Rada Cutlery fundraiser!

See more about Rada Cutlery fundraisers below!

Why Rada?

With Rada Cutlery, your team earns 40% profit from every sale, and YOU decide how to run your fundraiser:

  1. Choose contact-free online sales, catalog sales for people you see regularly, or a combination of both.
  2. Set your deadline in 2 weeks, 2 months, or longer, or make your fundraiser ongoing.

A Rada Cutlery fundraiser keeps your fans happy by assuring they’ll be purchasing something useful for themselves or as gifts, while helping your group reach its goal.

People love our products, making them easy to sell. Here’s why:

  • High-quality craftsmanship.
  • More than 100 products priced under $15.
  • Lifetime guarantee on every item we manufacture.
  • Everything we offer is 100% Made in America.

Check out our full-color Catalog and see for yourself what all the excitement is about!

If you’re still on the fence, read what others have said about their fundraising experiences with Rada Cutlery…

“We have used Rada for the last 3 years. It is a great fundraiser.”

Ben-Gil Boy Scout Troop 51
– Michael

“Rada has been an extremely good fundraiser for us. We’ve already had customers ask when we are going to do another.”

Perry Elementary

– Carol

“In the past, we’ve made more profit with Rada than any other fundraiser. We appreciate your company!”

New Life Church

– Chad

Your group can do AMAZING things! It’s simple to get started. Learn more.

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Did You Know?

Rada Cutlery offers unique fundraising opportunities. Learn more

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I need to raise money for my group, club, school, or church.

I want to earn a profit for myself, selling products I believe in.

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