“Let me see what they’ve sent me. I’m very excited to see!” says Noreen with unrestrained enthusiasm. She’s just received a package from Rada Cutlery and can’t help but eagerly anticipate what’s inside. Her excitement is infectious, and it’s easy to see since Noreen shares it via her YouTube channel! Noreen is the host of Noreen’s Kitchen, a YouTube channel that showcases what she calls, “Real Food for Real People, Real Easy!”

Her YouTube channel, featuring hundreds of videos that have received millions of views, showcases a vast array of delicious recipes, reviews, and more! So loyal is Noreen’s following that when she mentioned her affection for Rada Cutlery’s unbeatable products, we received a tidal wave of inquiries from curious cooks searching for the best cutlery and kitchen utensils on the market. As a sign of our appreciation, we sent Noreen a care package filled with Rada goodies:

We were thrilled with Noreen’s praise for Rada Cutlery, such as when she nostalgically noted “I love that they say, ‘my grandmother used that knife.’ It’s true. so many of us had grandmothers that used Rada knives in their kitchens,” or when she said “I highly recommend these knives. They’re just incredible!”

With an endorsement like that, it’s not wonder that it didn’t take long for Noreen to put her Rada products to work. Watch this video, which features Noreen making an incredible deep dish apple crumb slab pie recipe with our Rectangular Baker:

We couldn’t be happier to see Noreen enjoy our products, and with statements like “I’m very excited to use these products in my videos and just in life in general.” We’re ecstatic that because of her endorsement, countless cooks across American will too!

Don’t just watch Noreen on YouTube. Visit Noreen’s wonderful website for recipes, insightful commentaries, and more!

Check out Noreen’s Pinterest site for even more fantastic recipes!

“That’s My Knife Right There!”

Rada Cook's Knife

The Rada Cook’s Knife is a piece of cutlery that’s usable with countless recipes! This incredible knife is one of the Rada products Noreen was most excited to receive, prompting her to say “I will be reaching for this over and over again, I can just tell.” The slightly offset handle makes usage safe, while the medium-sized blade makes the knife unmatched versatility. It’s made in the USA, and is backed up by a Lifetime Guarantee!

Visit our online Rada Kitchen Store to see for yourself why Noreen was so excited about the Rada Cook’s Knife!

“They’re Gorgeous!”

Features of the Rada Bagel Knife

The Rada Bagel Knife is the best way to cut a vast range of delicious baked goods! Noreen noted the admired the Bagel Knife’s mirror finish and sturdiness, which nicely complement the sharp serrations that make it ideal for cutting all varieties of bread, from bagels to baguettes! Made in the USA, the Bagel Knife features a Lifetime Guarantee!

Stop by the Rada Kitchen Store to get your own Rada Bagel Knife!

“I Am So Excited to Have This!”

Handi-Stir Features

The Rada Handi-Stir is an indispensable tool for both casual and serious cooks. This “awesome” wire whisk was warmly received by Noreen, who informed viewers that they would see her using it again and again! Its unique style reaches the bottoms and corners of pans for maximum mixing contact, meaning that where there’s need for a mix, you have the whisk!

Get your Rada Handi-Stir now at the online Rada Kitchen Store!

Rada: Made in the USA!

Rada Factory with American Flag

“They’re American-made, family-owned and operated,” said Noreen of Rada, and she’s right. For over 65 years we at Rada have prided ourselves not only on making the nation’s best cutlery and kitchen utensils, but on doing so entirely in the USA. While we love hearing about people happy with our cutlery, there’s no higher compliment than when Noreen said “They’re the kind of company you want to do business with.”

Click for a video tour of the Rada factory to see what makes our products so remarkable!

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A batch of homemade pickles with the Rada Granny Fork.

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