New Year’s Eve is a time for celebration! With another year comes the promise of companionship with friends and loved ones, the opportunity to improve one’s future while reflecting on the past, and, of course, a reason to have great fun.

Below you will find that we have compiled a number of our absolute best New Year’s Eve recipes from past blog posts. All are easy to make, and all are absolutely delicious!

You will find party recipes in four categories:

  1. Savory Snacks
  2. Dips
  3. Hot Appetizers
  4. Cold Treats

So whether you’re hosting a New Year’s Party or are attending as a guest, be sure to prepare at least one of these fantastic recipes!

Savor the Moment with Savory Snacks!

These savory foods will have all of your friends and family raving!

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mini Peppers Recipe

Stuffed Sweet Peppers with Bacon Wrapping

Bacon + cheese + mini peppers = A New Year’s Eve Smash Hit!

Pepperoni Pizza Puffs Recipe

Delicious Pizza Puffs are great at parties!

Watch as these quick and easy pizza puffs disappear before your eyes!

Tomato Basil Squares Recipe

Basil and Tomato Pizza

Somewhere between an appetizer and a pizza, these tomato basil squares will make you the hit of the party!

Dip Into the New Year Fun!

Dips are a staple at any celebration, so don’t let yours be without some of the best in town!

Bread Pot Fondue Recipe

Cheesy Dip with Bread Bowl

This Bread Pot Fondue is cheesy good fun! You bake the bread with the dip inside, and use pieces of the bread to enjoy the dip!

Cucumber Onion Dill Cheeseball Recipe

Cucumber Onion Cheeseball

Get the crackers ready for this zesty cheeseball that will make your taste buds dance!

Smoked Salmon Spread Recipe

Smoked Salmon Spread

Strap on your socks, or else this fantastic smoked salmon spread will knock them off!

Hot Snacks Ring in the New Year with a Bang!

Bring a little heat to any New Year’s Eve party with these spicy appetizers!

Smokin’ Hot Smokies Recipe

Smokin' Hot Smokies, bacon-wrapped cocktail sausages.

Better make plenty of these Smokin’ Hot Smokies, because however many you prepare, you’ll always wish you had more!

Spicy Pretzels Recipe

Spiced Pretzels Recipe

Keep some ice water (or cold punch!) handy, because these easy pretzels will set off fireworks!

Stuffed Jalapenos con Queso Recipe

Stuffed Jalapenos con Queso with bacon

Come for the bacon, stay for the cheesy jalapenos!

Cold Treats Freshen the New Year!

Enter the new year refreshed with these cool treats!

Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookies Recipe

Incredible Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cookies

Who will love these delicious dessert cookies filled with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips? Everyone, that’s who!

Giant Ice Cream Brownie Sandwich Recipe

A Giant Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich with Rada Serrated Pie Server

You don’t see this every day! This amazing Giant Ice Cream Brownie Sandwich is cool, refreshing, and delicious!

Luscious Slush Punch Recipe

Delicious Holiday Punch

It’s not a party without punch! Raise a glass of this phenomenal punch on the table and toast the New Year!

Prepare for the New Year with Rada Cutlery!

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Rada Cheese Knife

Rada Cheese Knife

Prepare appetizers above and much more with Rada’s innovative Cheese Knife! A special serrated blade easily slices both soft and hard cheeses, while the forked end allows for convenient serving!

Rada Non-scratch Soup Ladle

Kristy uses the Rada Soup Ladle to prepare punch.

The Rada Non-scratch Soup Ladle allows you to serve generous portions of punch, dip, soup, and more!

Rada Party Spreader

Party Spreader with Cheeseball Quick Mix

The Rada Party Spreader is the expert’s way of spreading cheeses, jams, condiments, and various other foods that are likely to show up at any celebration.

Rada Rectangular Baker Stoneware

Kristy using Rada's Rectangular Baker

Get the perfect cook on your baked foods with Rada’s amazing lead-free stoneware! Made from a proprietary clay mixture, our stoneware ensures that you’ll get the perfect cook on your favorite foods every time!

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image of the Rada Cutlery logo

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