Rada Cutlery is proud to announce a variety of exciting new products for the 2015-2016  catalog and available August 1. 2015. Whether you’re a fundraiser, independent seller, or a fan, these additions exemplify the superior quality and great value you’ve come to known and expect from Rada Cutlery!

Super New Gift Sets!

Two new Rada gift sets make a wonderful present to others or yourself!

Cook’s Choice Gift Set

The Cook's Choice Gift Set features the Super Parer and Cook's Utility knife!

Featuring the Cook’s Utility and the Super Parer, this set makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cook.

Sensational Serrations Gift Set

The Sensational Serrations Gift Set features the Serrated Paring, Tomato Slicer, and 6" Bread Knife.

Containing the Serrated Paring, 6″ Bread Knife, and wildly popular Tomato Slicer, this gift set is a must-have for those who love a good sandwich!

Nylon Mixing Spatula

The Rada Mixing Spatula is great for cooking or baking!

The new Rada Mixing Spatula is a nylon utensil that will be right at home in any kitchen! Use it to stir, scrape, and mix ingredients when cooking or baking.

Fantastic Cookbooks!

Seven new cookbooks offer a wide variety of incredible dishes along with some cooking methods you might have never thought to use before!

Dutch Oven Cooking

The Dutch Oven Cooking Recipe book is full of wonderful recipes!

The Dutch Oven Cooking recipe book is your ticket to outrageously delicious meals cooked in a Dutch oven!

Waffle Iron Genius

The Waffle Iron Genius cookbook is brimming with tasty recipes you make with your waffle iron!

Become the smartest cook in the kitchen with these amazing recipes that utilize the waffle iron!

Ramen Noodle Genius

Ramen Noodle Genius has tons of recipes that take ramen noodles to the next level!

Elevate ramen noodles into something special with the Ramen Noodle Genius recipe book!

4 to 1: Odds Are You Can Cook

The 4 to 1 Cookbook features scrumptious dishes that only require four ingredients!

Four ingredients make one fabulous dish when you utilize this amazing cookbook!

Dump & Bake Desserts

Dump Bake Desserts is filled with awesome desserts everyone will love!

The Dump & Bake Desserts recipe book is filled with recipes whose ingredients you simply need to put in the pan, mix, bake, and serve!

Mug Shots – Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.

Mug Shots is a great cookbook filled with delicious meals you eat from a mug!

You won’t believe how great the day’s meals can be when served in a mug until you’ve tried some of this cookbook’s amazing recipes!

Mug Shots – Desserts

Mug Shots Desserts is your ticket to delicious desserts served in a mug!

Fill your mug with some awesome desserts found in this nifty cookbook!

Delicious New Quick Mixes!

Rada’s beloved dry quick mix family is now even better with these three additions!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Chicken Tortilla Soup Quick Mix is your ticket to the perfect bowl of hot soup!

This delicious soup dish gets the Rada treatment with this new quick mix everyone is sure to love!

Cinnamon Roll Sweet Dip

Fabulous Cinnamon Roll Sweet Dip is a dip everyone will love!

Use this dip with breads and fruits for a sweet treat that’s irresistible!

Garlic Citrus Pepper Seasoning

Garlic Citrus Pepper Seasoning makes everything taste wonderful!

This citrus seasoning gives chicken and other meats the perfect kick!

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Apple Cheesecake Bars

Now that you’ve seen the new items Rada Cutlery has to offer, it’s time to check them out for yourself. These products are sure to be a hit with whoever is fortunate enough to use them!

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