Mothers of Preschoolers, or MOPS, is an organization dedicated to mothers with young children, be they in kindergarten or still in the womb. Throughout the nation, MOPS groups are present to provide advice, support, and much more!

What is MOPS?

MOPS is more than just a group. It’s a full-on international support network dedicated to the idea that better mothers make a better world. Mothers on four continents can find MOPS groups in which to meet other mothers and become a better parent, as well as have some fun!

What Does Mops Do?

MOPS groups feature regularly scheduled meetings run for and by mothers of preschoolers. Attending moms will find that MOPS has a lot to offer. They can meet a Mentor mom who has been there and has advice on how to do that. They can share their experiences with others in a comfortable, honest environment. Practical advice is given on how to be a better mother and leader. There are creative activities and projects that provide entertainment and spiritual nourishment. MOPS even offers childcare in a preschool-like setting, so finding a sitter isn’t an issue!

Where Can I Find MOPS?

MOPS is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, but MOPS groups are within arms’ reach all across the United States and other countries.

Visit the MOPS homepage to find a group near you!

Contributing to Better Motherhood

Organizations and groups such as MOPS do not operate without support. They need skilled employees, dedicated volunteers, and precious funds. Money can pay for supplies, meeting spaces, toys, and other expenses that MOPS and other groups use to give their members the best possible experience.

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