Mother’s Day is a special time of year, the perfect occasion to let your mom know that you cherish her. Whether you’re nearby or thousands of miles apart, one of the best ways to show your love is with a thoughtful gift that she can use over and over. And if you choose a gift set from Rada Cutlery, that’s exactly what you’ll be giving!

Rada Cutlery’s kitchen products are high-quality and available at an unbeatable value. Moms of all ages will adore these products and use them frequently. If they are familiar with Rada Cutlery, they’ll be thrilled to have more, and if they’re not, they’ll soon be wanting more!

The Best Mother’s Day Gift!

Rada Paring Knife Gift Set

Rada Cutlery offers 28 fabulous gift sets that cover a wide range of kitchen needs. Below are links to just a few of our most popular gift sets, each of which would make a great Mother’s Day Gift!

Paring Knives Galore Gift Set: This set contains three paring knives that will each get used again and again! Featuring the Regular Paring, the Peeling Paring, and the Heavy Duty Paring, your mother can use these knives with nearly any recipe!

Meal Prep Gift Set: Preparing a wonderful meal is made easier with this fantastic set! It features the Granny Paring, the Heavy Duty Paring, the Super Parer, and the innovative Vegetable Peeler.

Six Utility/Steak Knives Gift Set: A classic gift set that upgrades one of the kitchen’s most important knives. Six of Rada’s superlative Utility/Steak knives make this a set anyone, especially Mom, would be happy to receive!

Peel, Pare, and Slice Gift Set: This set makes a great introduction to the world of Rada Cutlery. The Regular Paring, Tomato Slicer, and Vegetable Peeler make it a versatile set that covers all the bases!

Serving Gift Set: Featuring the Mini Server and the Serrated Pie Server, this gift set makes it a snap to cut and serve cake, brownies, pie, and more!

Sandwich Maker’s Gift Set: If your family loves sandwiches, Mom will find this set particularly useful. It features the Super Spreader, the Tomato Slicer, and the Cheese Knife, each of which contributes to the preparation of an outstanding sandwich!

Pie A’La Mode Gift Set: What’s better than a warm piece of pie with a cold scoop of ice cream? Nothing! That’s what makes this gift set, which contains the Rada Ice Cream Scoop and the Serrated Pie Server, so great.

Starter Gift Set: There’s not much in the kitchen that can’t be done with this awesome gift set. It comes with the Cheese Knife, the Granny Paring, the Heavy Duty Paring, the Utility/Steak, the Cook’s Utility, the Stubby Butcher, and the Serrated Slicer.

We often hear from mothers across the country who proudly speak of their cherished Rada products. Jane from Michigan wrote to say, “I have been using Rada knives for probably over 35 years, when I want a knife from the drawer that is the one I always grab, not sure why I have any other kind in there!”

All of these incredible gift sets and more can be found for purchase at our online Rada Kitchen Store!

You can also use the Shop Local Map to find a source near you where you can purchase Rada Cutlery products.

Make a Mother’s Day Edible Bouquet!
A Delicious Edible Fruit Bouquet.

If you’re a creative or do-it-yourself type, Mom will love this delectable fruit bouquet.

Simply follow these instructions for a gift as thoughtful as it is delicious!

Where Does Mother’s Day Come From?

Various cultures have commemorated the positive influence of mothers with an array of holidays. What we know as Mother’s Day started in the United States in 1908. It was the brainchild of Anna Jarvis, an activist whose on mother cared for wounded soldiers in both sides of the Civil War. It was first recognized by West Virginia in 1910, and in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson declared the second Sunday of each May to be Mother’s Day!

Visit Wikipedia to learn much more about the history of Mother’s Day!