Here is one recipe you just can’t pass up! Maple Frango is a vintage mouthwatering dessert that will have your family or guests floored.

What’s a “frango” you might ask? It’s kind of like ice cream but better. And it’s placed on top of some angel food cake with a special blueberry sauce drizzled over the top. It’s absolutely divine. You’ve got to try it!

We recommend you watch the video at the end of the recipe as there are some very specific techniques to preparing this dish just right. This recipe may take a bit more time to complete, but we promise, it is worth your time.

How to Make Maple Frango Dessert

Maple Frango ingredients

Ingredients you will need:

  • 1 C. pure maple syrup
  • 1 T. apple cider vinegar
  • 3 egg yolks
  • 1 t. vanilla
  • 3 C. heavy cream, whisked

Bring syrup and apple cider vinegar to a boil.

Combine maple syrup and vinegar in sauce pan and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and cool.

Whisk egg yolks until light and fluffy.

Whisk egg yolks until light and fluffy. The Rada Handi-Stir is the best tool for this task. Combine egg yolks and vanilla.

Add maple syrup mixture.

Add cooled maple syrup mixture, mixing in a little at a time so it doesn’t cook the egg. Set aside.

Whisk the cream to medium peaks.

Whisk the cream to medium peaks. Be sure it does not mix too long or it will become too thick.

Fold syrup mixture into whipped cream.

Fold whisked cream into egg and syrup mixture, just a third at a time. Try using the Rada Cook’s Spoon for this task.

Pour into shallow pan and freeze.

Pour into a shallow steel or glass pan. Freeze until firm; serve frozen.

Blueberry Sauce Recipe

Blueberry Sauce ingredients.

This is an amazing Blueberry Sauce that can be used for other desserts such as cheesecake or as a pancake topping.

Ingredients you will need:

  • 1 C. blueberries
  • ½ C. sugar
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Water to cover

Filet your lemon.

Filet your lemon to add distinct flavoring. Try using the Rada Cook’s Utility Knife for this step since it’s thin but strong.

Chop into little cubes.

Dice into little cubes.

Combine all blueberry sauce ingredients into a pan.

Combine all ingredients in a pan and bring to a boil.

Let simmer until desired consistency is reached with blueberries.

Let simmer for a few minutes until desired consistency is reached.

Cut Angel food cake.

Now take an Angel Food cake or pound cake and cut up. Try using Rada Quick Mixes’ Traditional Butter Pound Cake.

Dollop the maple frango.

Use the Rada Ice Cream Scoop to serve a dollop of the maple frango. Dip your scoop into water first to make the scoop smooth.

Drizzle blueberry sauce over maple frango.

Drizzle the blueberry sauce over the dessert.

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Watch the Maple Frango Recipe Video for Important Recipe Tips!


Because this recipe is very precise and will turn out best if you follow every tip, we recommend you take a look at the video to get your Maple Frango just right! You can also read up on the transcript below.



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Maple Frango Recipe Video Transcript:

Hello and welcome to Rada Cutlery’s YouTube Channel. My name is Blake Landeau, and I’m going to be showing you a series of videos that include my recipes and techniques that I’ve acquired over the years.

Today we’re going to be making a Maple Frango using local dairy cream, farm fresh eggs, pure grade-A dark maple syrup, apple cider vinegar and vanilla. Let’s get started.

The first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take the pure maple syrup and the apple cider vinegar, put it in a saucepan and bring it up to a boil. Now we’ll put that on the backburner, shut it off and we’ll move onto the egg, separating those.

Now that we have the maple syrup and the apple cider vinegar that has come to a boil and set on the backburner, we’re going to take the eggs and separate them. Now what I do is basically crack it into the bowl. A lot of people like to take the eggs and use the shell to separate. I don’t bother with that. I get my hands dirty and use my hands to separate the eggs.

Now that we have the eggs separated, the yolks are in the bowl, we’re going to use the Rada Cutlery Handi-Stir and we’re going to whisk these until they’re fully incorporated as well as got a little bit of a whiteness to them, we want a little air in them. Fully incorporated. This gives us enough time to cool down the apple cider vinegar and maple syrup mixture.

I’ve allowed the apple cider vinegar and maple syrup vinegar to cool down. I’m going to slowly drizzle it in there. And you want to make sure that it’s cooled down enough so it doesn’t cook the egg. When whisking the egg, I don’t like to add anymore liquid than there is actual egg. The balance between the sweetness of the maple syrup and the acidity of the vinegar is what gives it  a really good flavor. The apple cider vinegar is actually more of a salt or seasoning that brings out the sharpness of the maple.

Now this is our egg and maple mixture. The next step we’re going to do is whisk our heavy cream and we’re going to fold it into this mixture. This final and remaining step of making the Maple Frango is incorporating the last two ingredients and it’s the heavy cream and vanilla. We use three cups of heavy cream, and it is a lot, and it becomes a lot, but the sweetness of the maple syrup and the acidity of the apple cider vinegar is actually very pungent so you need to mild it down by using heavy cream. So we’re going to put it in the mixture and bring it up to stiff peaks. Now the vanilla.

Okay, so you want it to be able to stand up and be stiff peaks. You don’t want soft peaks, because we’re going to fold it into the mixture. If you go too long the cream will turn into butter.

Now we’re going to fold these two ingredients. And I’d like to feel the bottom of the bowl to make sure the egg mixture is cooled down enough, because we don’t want it to be too warm to make the heavy cream fall. So to fold in the product, we take a third of the cream and add it in there until it’s fully incorporated. The folding technique helps with maintaining the air that is in the whipped cream. Similar in making a mousse. So there’s one third that’s in there. I’ll take the next third. Cut it and fold it. Now it looks like it’s becoming a seasoned whipped cream almost, seasoned with whipped cream. Now we’ll take the last third. If you were to taste it after the first third, it’s too rich. So like I said, it seems like a lot of whipped cream, but once you get it fully incorporated, it becomes nicely balanced, sweet and savory.

Now when making the whipped cream, you’d think it’d be smart to add some sugar to kind of sweeten the cream up, but like I said, there’s so much sweetness in the whipped cream mixture, you don’t need any sugar into that whipped cream. So once this is fully incorporated, then we’ll add it into our pan. I like to use a shallow pan, something that’s going to freeze a little quicker. The final step is to kind of spread it in the pan and make it look nice and pretty and I’ll stick in in the freezer.

For the blueberry sauce that’s going to accompanying the maple frango, we’re going to take some fresh blueberries, some sugar and some fresh lemon juice. We’ll cut up part of the lemon and rind and throw that in the pan while it’s cooking too.

Start with the lemon. Start by cutting off the ends, cut down the middle and create a little wedge. Filet the lemon, cut out the pith or the white bitter part. Applying pressure to the blade, pressing down, it helps you filet that white off. Then you can cut it into strips. Turn to the side, cut them into little cubes. Put the lemon peel in the pan there. Blueberries and sugar, add a little water, and we’ll take it over to the stove and heat it up.

So we’re going to put these blueberries, the sugar, and the lemon peel into the pan. We’re going to bring that up. The sugars help break down the blueberries. The acidity of the lemon helps with kind of bringing out the sharpness and flavor of the blueberries. It’s more or less acting as a salt or seasoning, making it taste a little better. Once this comes up in temperature, you’ll see the blueberries bleed a little bit and it will start to look like a sauce.

Now that we’re getting it to the boiling point, you can see the steam come off of it, it’s starting to become more of a sauce. You’ll want to at least let it reduce into a syrup. The sugar and the water make it into a simple syrup more or less. There it goes. You could technically use it at this point. If you want it to be a little thicker sauce, you can let it reduce by half. The moisture’s coming out, the water’s coming out, we’re just concentrating down the flavors, making it taste more blueberry if you will. And that looks pretty good to me. And we’ll go ahead and stop it there. We’ll let it cool, we don’t want it too hot necessarily when we pour it on the maple frango.

We’re going to cut a portion of the store-bought angel food cake. We’re going to start plating. We have our maple Frango which has been freezing in the freezer. And we have our blueberry sauce which we just got down making. Trim this up like so. Take our ice cream scoop.

The water on the ice cream scoop helps make it a nice smooth scoop. Perfect. Now our blueberry sauce has got some liquid and some body to it. Take a little bit of the liquid and put it across the bowl. I always like to go on and around. Color contrast is beautiful.

Thank you for watching. It’s been a lot of fun. This is the first of many videos I’ll be doing. Stay tuned for many more and we look forward to having you back.

End of  Video Transcript

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