Studies suggest that 70 to 90% of the world’s population is right-handed. As a result, the vast majority of products in the world are designed with the right-handed user in mind. This is all well and good for righties, but what about the 10 to 30% of the population that’s left-handed?

Left-Handed Kitchen Knives

If you or a loved one is a left-handed cook, do we have the cutlery for you! Rada Cutlery makes a wide array of knives that are sharpened on both sides of the blade, ensuring that left-handed users can get the same effortless, perfect cuts that right-handed cooks do.

Whereas most other knives are sharpened on only one side of the blade, leaving lefties to have to apply great force when cutting foods, nearly all Rada Cutlery knives are designed to cut flawlessly using whichever hand is natural to you.

Serrated knives often leave left-handed cooks frustrated.  This is because wide serrated blades have a tendency to steer the blade during the cutting motion.  Rada has chosen to take the extra step to serrate both sides of the blade on the Tomato Knife, Bagel Knife, and Serrated Slicer to ensure knives cut straight for cooks regardless of whether they are right and left-handed.

Just as impressive as the knives’ superior construction and attention to detail is the expansive variety available! From the small Granny Paring knife to the large French Chef knife, our selection epitomizes convenience, flexibility, and versatility for the home cook.

Here are just a few of our knives that will delight the left-handed cook!

Regular Paring

The Rada Regular Paring Knife is great for left-handed cooks.

The best-selling knife Rada Cutlery has to offer, this classic paring knife is ideal for cutting fruits, vegetables, and more with grace and skill!

Tomato Slicer

A Rada Tomato Slicer with Bacon.

People rave about our famous Tomato Slicer, not just because it gets perfect slices of tomatoes and other foods, but because its dual-serrations make it perfect for right and left-handed cooks!

Cook’s Utility

The Rada Cook's Utility Knife.

The Cook’s Utility knife offers the precision of a smaller knife and the versatility of a larger one!

Features of the Rada Vegetable Peeler.

Left-Handed Kitchen Utensils

Those who use their left hand have more to gain from Rada than our fabulous knives. Our diverse array of kitchen utensils also work just as well when used by either hand!

Vegetable Peeler

The Rada Vegetable Peeler works great for right and left-handed cooks.

Peeling vegetables is a snap with this innovative peeler. Using either hand and forward or backward, effortlessly peel carrots, potatoes, even chocolate shavings!


Handi stir whisk used for many different things

The Handi-Stir is a whisk that perfectly whips eggs, gelatin, batters, and much more!

Pizza Cutter

Rada Silver Pizza Cutter with USA flag fruit pizza

This stainless steel pizza cutter will make the perfect piece of pizza and do equally well with flat dessert cakes!

A Unique Fundraiser Idea!

image of the Rada Cutlery logo

Since 1948, Rada Cutlery has partnered with tens of thousands of nonprofit groups each year to help raise money for good and noble causes!

Organizations that team up with Rada get access to our extensive catalog of superior cutlery and kitchen products, with every sale making an amazing 40% profit for the group. The products are so great and well-priced they practically sell themselves, and repeat fundraisers do splendidly as the word spreads and more people want Rada in their kitchen! Churches, schools, civic organizations, youth groups, sports teams, and more get where they need to be with Rada.

Rada Cutlery’s website has all the information you need to get started with a successful fundraiser today!

Products Made in the USA!

Rada Factory with American Flag

Rada Mfg. Co. is based out of Waverly, Iowa, in the heart of the Midwest. Every product Rada offers is completely made in America, from design to manufacture and including materials. We are committed to American industry, and our workers craft the products with care and skill one can’t find anywhere else.

This factory tour video will show you more about what makes Rada’s kitchen products so remarkable!

Compare and Contrast Cutlery!

The Rada Knife Comparison Chart helps you pick out the perfect product!

Rada Cutlery’s size chart is a useful tool for selecting your ideal kitchen product! This interactive webpage allows you to browse Rada products visually and place them next to one another, so you find out which is right for you. Give it a spin!