When it’s cold outside, you need food that warms you up from the inside out. Soup does just that!

January is National Soup Month AND National Sunday Supper Month. Celebrate both of these holidays at once by gathering your family for a soup supper every Sunday night in January.

Rada makes it easy with their EIGHT super simple, downright delicious soup mixes. They require minimal prep, need almost no extra ingredients, and best of all, they’ll put a smile on all those hungry mouths. Will kids like them? You bet! How about Grandma who’s sort of persnickety? Absolutely!

And if you have unexpected guests drop by for dinner, simply grab one or two of these soup mixes from the pantry and in just a few minutes, you’ll be sitting down to a comforting bowl of goodness. Tell ’em it’s homemade. No one will ever know the difference.

Start a new January tradition. Bring a month of Sunday soup suppers to your clan. Who knows–it might become a tradition you continue all year long. 


Rada’s Baked Potato Soup Mix perfectly blends veggies, Parmesan cheese, and spices for the creamy down-home flavor of baked potatoes. Simply combine the mix with water, and you’ll have a satisfying meal your whole family will love.

Expect a rich beef burgundy broth filled with bite-sized pasta with our Beef Stroganoff Soup Mix. Simply combine our mix with browned ground beef and water for a delicious dinner in minutes.

Rada’s Black Bean Chili Quick Mix is the perfect blend of all kinds of spices and veggies. Mix it with browned ground meat and a couple of items from your pantry for a flavor-packed meal in minutes. Try it over a baked potato or grilled hot dog too!

It’s simple to make a rich and creamy soup with Rada’s Cheddar Broccoli Soup Mix. With its blend of sharp cheddar and blue cheeses, broccoli, and spices, you’ll be enjoying a bowl of comfort in no time at all.  Just add water.

Rada’s Chicken & Wild Rice Soup Mix is perfectly blended to ensure delicious flavor. Simply combine the mix with water and optional cooked chicken and you’ll have a dish that smells as terrific as it tastes!

Our Chicken Gumbo Mix is a Southern classic, with a nice blend of veggies, long-grain rice, and spices that’ll have your family asking for more. Simply combine our mix with cooked chicken and water.

Rada’s Chicken Tortilla Soup Mix perfectly blends veggies and spices for true Southwestern flavor. Simply combine the mix with just a few ingredients for a yummy soup anytime you need a meal on the table fast.

Rada’s Roasted Corn Chowder Mix perfectly blends ingredients so you can easily create a creamy chowder that’s ready in minutes instead of hours. Mixed with milk and corn, this mix turns into a hearty chowder, packed with flavor.

In a hurry? Grab a Quick Mix and enjoy a quick meal!

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