Easy-to-Make Popcorn Cake

Make This Huge M&M Popcorn Cake

This M&M Popcorn Cake will make a statement at any birthday party or family get-together. It will be a hit while tailgating or picnicking. Serve it to the football team after a big win or to your family and friends “just because.” It’s a treat that looks impressive and special but is incredibly easy to make.

You don’t need much time or many ingredients for this yummy snack.

Ingredients Needed for This No-Bake Cake

  • microwave butter-flavored popcorn: Bonus–you don’t even have to pop the corn–the microwave does it for you! Make it healthier by popping Rada’s Popcorn on the Cob (no additives, preservatives, or flavorings of any kind)!
  • salted dry roasted peanuts: You could use another type of nut, but there’s just something special about peanuts with M&Ms, you know?
  • plain M&Ms: Go ahead and use peanut M&Ms or one of the “gourmet flavors” you find in the store. We like the simplicity of the plain ones in this dessert.
  • butter: Use what you like.
  • mini marshmallows: Remember, fresh is best when it comes to melting marshmallows.

Tools Needed

You’ll need an angel food cake pan to make this big popcorn cake. The straight sides of the pan make it easy to pack in the ingredients. You’ll be rewarded with a well-defined and shapely cake.

Find the biggest bowl you have; you’ll need it big to hold all the ingredients and allow room for stirring. If you don’t have anything large enough, try using a roasting pan or a clean dishpan. You’ll also need a microwave-safe bowl; it doesn’t have to be as big as the other bowl, but still good-sized.

Grab a good, sturdy spoon for stirring and a sharp knife for cutting the finished cake.

Take These Steps


1. Pop the popcorn and remove any unpopped kernels. Stir in the peanuts and M&Ms with a Rada Mixing Spoon.




2. Melt the butter, add marshmallows, and stir until melted; pour over the popcorn mixture and stir to coat.



3. Press the mixture into a greased angel food cake pan; cover and set aside for an hour before cutting. (Genius Tip: Put your hand inside a plastic bag while pressing the popcorn into the pan to keep your fingers clean.)



That’s it! Use a sharp knife to cut the cake into slices. Rada has lots of sharp knives to choose from, but the Slicer is perfect!

If you’re wondering what kind of dessert you can pull together fast that will feed a crowd, this popcorn cake with M&Ms is it. Get the full recipe and instructions below.

M&M Popcorn Cake


2 (3.2 oz.) pkgs. microwave butter-flavored popcorn
2 C. salted dry roasted peanuts
1½ C. plain M&Ms
½ C. butter
1 (16 oz.) pkg. mini marshmallows


Coat an angel food cake pan with cooking spray; set aside. Pop the popcorn and dump it into a very big bowl, removing unpopped kernels. Stir in peanuts and M&Ms. Set all aside.

In a separate big microwave-safe bowl, melt butter in the microwave. Use a spoon like one of Rada’s Mixing Spoons to stir in the marshmallows; microwave until puffed. Stir until smooth and melted; let set for 2 minutes. Pour the marshmallow mixture over the popcorn mixture and stir to coat evenly. Press the mixture into the prepared pan. Cover and let set for 1 hour.

Run a knife between the popcorn and the pan to loosen the edges. Place a serving plate upside down over the top and invert the pan to remove the cake. Use a sharp knife (Rada has lots to choose from, but the Slicer is perfect).

Genius Tip: Since the popcorn mixture is sticky, putting your hand inside a plastic bag while pressing the popcorn into the pan works great! 

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