Be the hit of the party with this Cucumber Onion Dill Cheeseball. It’s easy to make and features a tangy taste that’s heavenly when spread on a cracker!

Cucumber Onion Dill Cheeseball Recipe

Ingredients you will need:

In a mixing bowl, place 8 oz of softened cream cheese. Add 2 tablespoons butter or margarine. Add 1/4 teaspoon Rada Quick Mix Cucumber Onion Dill Dip, making it a heaping teaspoon if you desire a stronger flavor.

Kristy with dill mix

Blend ingredients together.

Mixing dill mix

Place in refrigerator for 1 hour.

Stirring sour cream

Place mixture on the middle of a layer of plastic wrap. Fold the wrap over the mixture, grab both sides of the wrap, and twist around until a ball is formed.

Shaping cheeseball

Chop 1/2 cup walnuts. Try the Rada Serrated Food Chopper, a handy tool that easily breaks down food.

Chopping nuts

Unwrap cheeseball and roll in chopped walnuts, being sure to cover the entire surface.

Rolling cheeseball

Serve! If desired, re-wrap cheeseball and place in refrigerator until ready. Enjoy!

Kristy with completed cheeseball

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Is Cucumber a Fruit or a Vegetable?

A pair of cucumbers.

You might think that because of its taste and appearance, cucumbers are vegetables. Actually, cucumber is a fruit! Generally, plants with seeds are considered fruits, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, even though they might seem to be vegetables.

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Cucumber Onion Dill Cheeseball Video Recipe


Cucumber Onion Dill Cheeseball Video Transcript

Hi, Kristy in the Rada kitchen, and today I want to share a recipe for a Cucumber Onion Dill Cheeseball. This is going to use our Rada Quick Mix Cucumber Onion Dill Dip. The dip is great for vegetables but I’m going to make a cheeseball to serve with crackers. People can help themselves if you put out the Rada Party Spreader. It’s a really tasty, easy recipe.

So what you need is 8 ounces of cream cheese that has been softened. Then we’re going to add to that 2 tablespoons of margarine or butter. And then a fourth a teaspoon of the Cucumber Onion Dill Dip. I’m going to make it a heaping teaspoon because it tastes so good. And we’re just going to blend that together.

So now you’ll place this in the refrigerator for an hour. After an hour we’ll come back and show you how to make it into a cheeseball.

So our cheeseball mixture has been in the refrigerator for an hour. I want to show you how you form that into a cheeseball. What’re we’re going to do is plop it onto a sheet of plastic wrap. I want to show you how to make that into a ball. So put that into the middle of it. Grab both sides and twist it. Makes it into that nice shape. I’m going to set that aside. For coating we can use fresh parsley or walnuts. I have the walnuts chopped up with the Rada Serrated Food Chopper. These I use a lot. You can chop up celery, potatoes, foods for kids. The plain edge one cuts biscuits and cookies. Anything you need to chop they can do it. They’re also available for a fundraiser. Everything I use in the Rada kitchen is available for your group to make money with.

So now we’re going to unwrap this and roll it in those nuts. It’s ready to serve or if you want to rewrap and coat it in the refrigerator until it’s ready to serve you can do that, too. And that’s a delicious Cucumber Onion Dill Cheeseball, great for any party. That’s using the Rada Quick Mix Cucumber Onion Dill Dip. Check out other Quick Mix recipes at

End of Video Transcript