Do you love fresh fish but the cleaning process of deboning and filleting seems like a daunting task? In the video below, Chef Jere will show you how to filet a fish in a simple step-by-step process.

In the video Chef Jere uses the Rada Cutlery fillet knife. This is the best fillet knife because of the easy to grip handle and the 7 1/8-inch blade flexes – making cutting around bones simple.

How to Fillet & Debone a Fish


Fillet Knife with Leather Scabbard (item R200)

Fillet Knife for Fishing Features

Many fisherman rave about the Rada Fillet Knife and how it makes cleaning fish an easy task!

The Fillet Knife includes a Leather Scabbard so it can be worn on your belt or stored in your tackle box. The comfortable, non-slip rubber handle makes it easy to grip when cleaning a big catch. The long, flexible blade at over 7 inches makes cutting fish and filleting around bones easy. This is a favorite for fishermen.

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Great Gear for Fishermen

Rada Cutlery makes some excellent products for outdoorsmen who also like to cook when they’ve brought back their kill.

Best Fish Recipes

For starters, I’m Hooked! I’m Game! is a great cookbook that features excellent recipes for any fisherman with a fish to cook. Season it to perfection with some helpful tips. This double cookbook also features recipes for a hunter with game to cook.

Quick Edge Knife Sharpener

The Knife Sharpener is a must-have for any fisherman who wants to get a better precision edge on his knife. Try this handy tool.

Rada Cutlery Carving Fork and Carver/Boner

The Carver/Boner will aid in cutting the fish up after it has been prepared. This knife easily slices through salmon, trout, Northern, or any fish you might catch!

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Quick Edge Knife Sharpener (Item R119)

Quick Edge Knife Sharpener

The Rada knife sharpener is the perfect size for a tackle box and will quickly restore a sharp edge before fileting a fish – making the deboning job much easier!  Also, archers say the Quick Edge Knife Sharpener is the perfect archery tool for sharpener their arrow blades.

Rada Cutlery products can be purchased at the online Rada Kitchen Store or by calling 888-771-7798 during normal business hours.

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How to Clean and Debone a Fish Video Transcript:

Today we are going to show you how to debone fresh water trout. These are kind of intimidating when you go to the store and you see them in the case. It is a whole trout with all of the bones and you really don’t know what to do with it. Well it is really easy to do and let me show you how to do it here.

We have our hunter’s boning knife and the home boning knife. I am going to use the hunter’s boning knife today. It is really flexible, great for fileting fish, chicken, and other filets of fish. So here we go.

What we are going to do with this trout, it is already open, and we are going to cut along the back bone here.

So we are going to start up here at the top and just work our way down, you will hear the bones. Cutting through the bones, then we are slowly going to go all the way down to the back of the fish. Just go ahead and slice it all the way through. We are going to do the same to the body.

Cut right along that back bone. Keep it going down, all the way through. Then we can open up the fish and finish up what we started. Now we are just going to cut through the throat bone there. Then go ahead and cut this off, the head. Then I am going to cut right along the back bone there.

Next thing we are going to do is take out the belly bones. Take the knife and do some fine fileting on the belly. Just go straight down, nice easy cuts, until that’s taken off. The nice thing about butterflying a trout is you can stuff them, you can grill them like this right on the grill, leave the skin on. The skin renders down, it is real tasty and editable. Now we are doing the same thing on this side—Right through it.

It is ready to go. You will see, it is something called pin bones, right along the sides here. When you are grilling or cooking them they melt away, nobody ever takes them out. They won’t hurt you or anything like that. They are real fine small bones. That is how you filet a trout.

End of Fish Filet Video Transcript