Watermelon is a refreshing part of any meal, but sometimes it can be avoided because of the effort it takes to chop it up. It doesn’t have to be that way! check out this post to learn some unique and creative ways to make cutting a watermelon just a little bit easier. This post will have two different ways you can cut up your watermelon.

step 1

All you needs is some watermelon, a cutting board, and a knife.

Cutting a Watermelon Guide:

1.  Finger Food Snack Directions

First, cut your watermelon in half the long way (if your watermelon has a long way).

step 2

Now slice the watermelon into slices about one to two inches wide.

step 3

Turn the watermelon 90 degrees and slice again.

step 4

This should lead you to having watermelon “fingers” you can eat right off the rind!

step 5

2.  Carved Watermelon Fruit Bowl Instructions

With your next watermelon, keep it whole. Slice the ends of the watermelon rind off.

step 6

Now fillet the rest of the rind off.

step 8

Once all the rind is chopped off you can choose to serve it whole.

step 9

You can also continue to chop the watermelon up into smaller pieces!

step 10

Check out the link below to see a delicious recipe for a Watermelon Smoothie.

Watermelon Smoothie:

Watermelon Smoothies

Go to the Rada Cutlery YouTube Channel to learn how to make a Watermelon Smoothie!

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Video on the best way to cut watermelon:


Video Transcript

Hi, Kristy in the Rada Kitchen and today I wanna show you a couple unique ways to cut up a watermelon and right here I have two kind of rounded watermelons, they’re seedless, so you don’t need to worry about cutting out the seeds.

On this first one what I’m gonna do is cut it in half length wise, I’m gonna use this Rada slicer. So I’m gonna pierce down and just cut straight down on half of it and I’m gonna go back and cut the other half. So start with your tip going down and then you slice straight down. The knife kind of does the work. So there’s half of it, now here’s a unique way to cut it into easy serving pieces, so we’re gonna make about one inch cuts, and actually this piece wont have a lot of watermelon on it, but I’ll show you when I get it cut.

So first you cut it across the middle. And then this thick part, you’re gonna have to start in the middle and work out. Alright so now we’ve went the vertical way, so now we’re gonna go the horizontal way. So I’m gonna start in the middle. It really helps to have a great sharp knife, like this Rada slicer.

And then again, were gonna go an inch over. And now what I do I sit that out on the table, that is ready to serve, what is you have cute little slices. And now what I do is I set that out on the table that is ready to serve. What happens is you have cute little slice let your friends pick them out, they are perfect little bite size pieces.

Now this second watermelon maybe you have picky eaters that don’t like to eat it off the rind, we’re gonna take the rind of this one, I’m gonna use a more flexible knife, this is the carver/boner. It likes a fillet knife. And first you just want to cut the end of square. There is not much watermelon on that end piece anyway.

So it will sit flat like that, now were gonna do the other end. Looks like I went in maybe two inches. So now what were gonna do it more or less fillet the rind pf this watermelon. This knife has a really nice flexible blade so there I didn’t get all the war down, so you can just go back in and carve that off. And I’m gonna go through hand just trim off that. and if you wanted to get fancy, you could square it off, make it look like a cake, put some whipped topping on it and some fruit.

There’s a carved up watermelon, you could set out, let people carve off their iown slice. Or now you could go in and slice it into chunks. I have another video where I make a watermelon smoothie.

Thanks for watching.