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How to Tell if an Egg is Bad | Egg Test

Easter is just around the corner and that means it is time to decorate eggs. Have you ever wondered if those eggs in your refrigerator are still good to use? Here is an easy egg test you can use before you begin to decorate.

Egg test

Supplies: water, cup or bowl and an egg

The Egg Test:

1. Fill up a bowl or cup with water. You will need enough water for the egg to be completely covered.

2. Place the egg carefully in the cup of water. You do not want to break it especially if it’s a bad egg.

3. If it floats its no longer good to eat. If it sinks and lies flat at the bottom it is good to eat.

Egg Test Results

The reason for this is the air pocket inside the egg. Even though eggs have a hard shell they are still porous and allow air inside. As the egg ages more air enters allowing them to float.

Once you have determined if your eggs are good or bad, it is time to decorate them for Easter!

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