Instead of just slapping some ordinary butter on your buns and bread, why not try something with a little more flavor?

In this recipe, Chef Blake walks us through how to make honey rosemary butter, which is a compound butter with some added flavor.

A compound butter is a butter with supplementary ingredients added. They can be bought pre-made, or you can make them yourself with basically anything you can find! Learn this recipe for honey rosemary butter then try experimenting with your own compound butter recipes.

How to Make Honey Rosemary Butter

Ingredients you will need:

Ingredients to Make Honey Rosemary Butter

  • 1 lb. soft butter
  • Honey
  • Chopped rosemary
  • 1 T. salt

Slice rosemary very fine.

Slice your rosemary very fine so it easily blends in with the butter and won’t stick out. We recommend using Rada’s French Chef for this step.

Whip your butter.

Whip butter until it is fluffy and light. Mix rest of ingredients in with it.

Dollop butter onto a parchment paper

Form the butter to your liking. Chef Blake wrapped it in parchment paper. Refrigerate or freeze.

Finished Honey Butter ready to freeze

Honey Rosemary Butter

In this recipe, Chef Blake walks us through how to make honey rosemary butter, which is a compound butter with some added flavor.


  • 1 lb. soft butter
  • Honey
  • Chopped rosemary
  • 1 T. salt


  • Slice rosemary very fine.
  • Whip butter until it is fluffy and light. Mix rest of ingredients in with it.
  • Dollop butter onto a parchment paper
  • Refrigerate or freeze.


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How Sweet!

Watch this recipe video from Chef Blake about how to make honey rosemary butter, step by step. He’ll fill you in with some tips about how to store your butter and how to mold it into an appropriate shape for serving later.

Honey Rosemary Butter Recipe Video Transcript:

Hello, welcome to Rada’s Test Kitchen. My name’s Blake, and today we’ll be making a compound butter–a honey and rosemary butter. We’ve got some fresh local honey, some butter and some fresh rosemary.

If your butter’s cold, it should be at room temperature and a quick, easy way of warming up your butter is to cut it into smaller pieces. So if you cut them into cubes, slabs, get some air in between it, that will help it soften much quicker. Then we’ll whip it in our mixer.

For our rosemary, we’ll cut the leaves off the stem. You won’t need a lot for this because fresh rosemary is pretty pungent. Just make sure you don’t have any stems. Chop that up nice and fine, getting rid of the stems as best we can. There you go, nice and fine. Just about perfect.

Using a mixer here, we will add in our soft butter. It’s got to be soft. If you put in hard butter, you might break your mixer. Lock it into place, get it started. You want to whip this butter and put air into it. Add our rosemary. Make sure you wipe down your sides. You want to see it double in size and get lighter in color. This is an unsalted butter, but we’re going to salt it at the end to bring out the flavor, but I want to do that at the end so we can get a honey and rosemary flavor together.

You’ll start seeing that the actual butter looks a lot more whipped now, so we’ll start adding our honey. Wipe down the sides so it evenly mixes. Get that off the bottom of the bowl as well. Now that everything’s put together, we’re just going to salt it, bring out those flavors, stir it real good. Make sure that salt doesn’t clump up too much on your paddle. Taste it. It tastes good.

Our butter’s done, mixed. Now we’ll take some of it out of the bowl and put it on parchment paper here. Take the parchment and fold it over. Pull tight. Press down using a pan or box, tighten it, create that nice cylinder. Fold it up, twist the edges. Perfect cylinder. You can put it in the refrigerator, cut it into coins after it solidifies, put it on the plate with the bread, put it in the freezer, it preserves for a very long time.

This butter here is really good for Thanksgiving time when you have family over, offer them something rather than plain butter. This is a compound butter, an extension on my favorite butter which is honey butter. It’s got a little rosemary in there, which is good for the seasoning. So give it a shot, let us know how it is, and thanks for watching.

End of Honey Rosemary Butter Recipe video transcript.