In the United States, over 2 million students receive their education through homeschooling. For a wide variety of reasons, families across the nation decide that the best choice for their child or children is to learn at home.

Though each family is different, all homeschooling plans have one thing in common: the need for funds. Homeschooling can require a curriculum, field trips, homeschooling group dues, learning materials, supplies, and more. These expenses add up fast, but when you partner with Rada Cutlery, you can meet them and then some!

The Best Homeschool Fundraiser!

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Every year, Rada Cutlery helps homeschooling families across the country meet and even exceed their financial goals. With a Rada Cutlery fundraiser, the expenses of homeschooling can be managed and met with ease.

Why Choose a Rada Fundraiser?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose a Rada Cutlery fundraiser. Here are just a few that make clear why Rada’s the best choice!

1. Three Ways to Fundraise – Rada offers three distinct ways for you to fundraise. The most common is by catalog sales, where you distribute catalogs to friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. Then there’s event sales, where you offer Rada products at an occasion such as a church service or sporting event. Last but not least is online fundraising, where your supporters can go to a website and order Rada products, with the proceeds going directly to your group. Use any combination of these methods to maximize results!

2. 40% Profit – Many fundraisers offer items for sale with a thin profit margin, as low as 10%. All items sold with Rada give your group a 40% profit, meaning that your efforts go further than they would otherwise.

3. Amazing Kitchen Products – Rada offers something for everyone! From our famous cutlery to our renowned kitchen utensils, those who use Rada quickly find that they want more, meaning that repeat fundraisers often do even better than the initial one.

4. Phenomenal Customer Service – You won’t find better customer service outside of Rada Cutlery! Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is happy to help you through the entire fundraising process. 99% of orders ship within two days!

5. American-Made Cutlery – Rada Cutlery is proudly based in Waverly, Iowa. All of our products, without exception, are entirely made in the USA. We take our commitment to American industry seriously, and can confidently state that the craftsmanship of our workers is unparalleled. Visit our website to learn more about how our employees’ skill and dedication make Rada the best you can buy!

Fundraising Catalog

Most fundraisers sell Rada Cutlery using the 32 page catalog.  This fundraising catalog includes all of our 100% Made in the USA products – including kitchen cutlery, cooking utensils and cutlery gift sets as well as baking stoneware, gift books and quick mixes.  These are useful items that people want and need and are happy to purchase to support your home-school fundraiser.

Cover of the Rada Fundraising Catalog

View the fundraising catalog to see for yourself all of the items your supporters can purchase.

The Best Fundraising Products!

Rada Cutlery’s products are renowned for their superior quality. Once someone tries a Rada Cutlery product, they can’t get enough of them!  Below is a sampling of some of the most popular items offered in the catalog.

Regular Paring

The #1-best-selling Rada Paring Knife.

The best-selling Regular Paring knife is our most popular item! It’s just the perfect size for countless cutting tasks.

Tomato Slicer

A Rada Tomato Slicer with Bacon.

The incredible Tomato Slicer must be tried to be believed! It features dual-serrated blade that lets you get perfect slices of tomato without any squishing.

Vegetable Peeler

Rada Vegetable Peeler in Action

Vegetables are a breeze to peel with this fantastic Rada Vegetable Peeler! Its ambidextrous design and stainless steel blade make it a must-have utensil.

Rectangular Baker

Rada Stoneware Baker

This 9″ x 13″ stoneware pan gives you the perfect cook every time! Made from a lead-free, proprietary clay mixture, it absorbs heat for an even baking temperature, making every meal extra delicious!



The Handi-Stir is a hand mixer that’s the best you can get! Use it to mix batters, eggs, sauces, and much more.

Knife Sharpener

Rada Quick Edge Knife Sharpener

The Rada Knife Sharpener is the best way to keep your cutlery in perfect shape. Small and easy to use, just run your cutlery between the Knife Sharpener’s wheels and they’re as good as new!

Request Your Fundraising Leader’s Guide and Catalog

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