Start Your Own Reseller Home Business | Become an Independent Sales Consultant

Are you interested in starting a business from home? Are you stumped over finding the best product to fit who you are and the people around you?

The opportunity to become a reseller is a great thing for those looking for a fun and simple way to make extra income.

We’ll tell you how to become a reseller in just a few simple steps and how to find the best product to sell.

How to Become a Reseller for Extra Income

If you’re interested in becoming an independent sales consultant, you must find a reliable company that produces a quality product that you feel your customers will enjoy and apply to that company!

But what do you look for in that product? And what do you look for in that company?

Your Products Should Be:

1. Useful and Versatile

Find a reseller product that everyone can use and enjoy. Don’t limit your customer base to one demographic. For example, Rada Cutlery can be enjoyed by both men and women of all ages.

Plus, you’ll want them to all be able to find uses for them. Rada kitchen knives and utensils are a product that every kitchen uses regularly. Your customers have to really want a fashion accessory or candle to actually buy it.

A product should be very versatile also. It should come in the forms of many different products.

Rada Cutlery makes 175 individual and different products for resellers to sell! Everything from Paring knives, Steak knives, Cook’s knives, spatulas, servers, Specialty knives, Sportsman knives, and more. The wide selection provides you the opportunity for repeat sales as people build their collections.

You will find that your customers also will make gift purchases which provide nice incremental sales. There are over 25 gift set combinations for your customers to choose from. Another benefit of gift sets is that the combination of cutlery creates a larger dollar sale.

And Rada doesn’t just offer cutlery. We also offer:

With so many options, your customers are sure to always be interested, which brings up the next point.

2. Different and Unique

Choose a product that’s not already being done by other resellers you know or others in your community. There’s tons of jewelry resellers out there, but customers will get bored and unattentive from seeing so many.

Rada Cutlery is one of a kind, unlike any other reseller product there is. You will find little competition unless someone else you know is selling Rada!

3. Affordable and a Great Value

While resellers are able to set their own prices, it’s important that your product has a low wholesale cost to begin with. You don’t want to turn your customers away the second they get a glimpse at the price. How many people will buy a $60 necklace on the spot?

Rada Cutlery is highly affordable with very low wholesale prices. Just tack on what you desire and consider it a fair price!  (We offer two catalog options to you.  One has pre-printed prices that are the same as the Rada Kitchen Store.  The other has no prices if you choose to set your own prices.)

A note on affordability. In many industries there are multiple layers of middlemen that take a profit on the way to the consumer. With Rada Mfg. Co., you are working directly with the manufacturer and are the only layer between the factory and the customer.  There are no layers of sales organization – just you and the factory. It is this model that allows your customers to get such a great value and on products of amazing value.

4. Quality Products to Sell

It’s extremely important that your product has a reputation of being quality and long-lasting (follow the link below to learn about construction and lifetime guarantee). Your customers won’t want to buy something that’s a passing trend or will easily break or deteriorate.

A reseller from North Carolina recently emailed us to say, “I’ve had people asking for these knives. I myself own one and love it!” We get comments like this every day from resellers whose customers can’t get enough Rada products.

Rada Cutlery is 100% Made in the USA – raw materials of the best quality and dedicated construction. Plus, Rada has been in business since 1948. Many customers who purchased their Rada knives decades ago, even when the company got its start, are still using them!

5. Products Not Available Through Big Box Stores

Rada Cutlery was originally only sold through fundraising groups.  Eventually enterprising individuals saw the opportunity to create small businesses selling Rada Cutlery.  Fundraising and Resellers are the two primary ways Rada Knives are sold today.  Rada Mfg. Co. chooses the Reseller and Fundraising distribution model.  We have no desire to sell through big box retailers and prefer to work with individuals who have a passion for representing and selling Rada Cutlery.

The Company That You Partner with Should:

1. Work Directly with You

You will want your reseller company to be easy and friendly to work with.

Rada Cutlery is famous for working directly with their customers and resellers. Our customer service is outstanding and always ready to assist.

2. Give You More Selling Options

As an independent sales rep or a small business owner, you are probably looking for a company that gives you as many options as possible.

Rada Cutlery allows:

  • Catalog Sales
  • Home Parties
  • Fairs, Festivals & Shows, Flea Markets
  • Shops & Stores – This is ideal for small gift shops, stores, boutiques, bakeries, antique malls, hardware stores, restaurants, and many other small businesses.
  • Internet Sales

All options come with materials: reseller catalog, home party catalog, order form, and an introductory guide to Rada Cutlery.

3. Make it Easy for You to Sell

You’ll want to make sure your independent sales company is easy to work with and very fast at processing orders.

Rada Cutlery offers these incredible benefits:

  • Your minimum order is only $75. No sales quotas, no returns, payment with order.
  • You set your own prices according to your overhead costs or use the prices provided in the Rada Home Parties catalog.
  • Most orders ship from our facility within two working days of receiving it.
  • Low shipping costs.
  • Sales Boosters are available to assist your sales efforts.

American-Made & Reseller Approved

One thing many resellers overlook are customer reviews. These are just as important as the product itself! Be sure to do your research to find out what others like or did not like about selling their reseller product.

One reseller from Louisiana experienced Rada Cutlery’s quality and wanted to pass it on. He said:

“I had purchased these knives in the past and was 100% satisfied. I still use them daily. American made and with American raw materials, it’s kind of hard to pass up an opportunity to sell that kind of quality.”

Another from Kentucky said:

“I am a Rada reseller. I have a home-based business and sell these products all the time. I am so impressed with their dedication to being 100% Made in the USA. I have return customers on a regular basis. I have knife sets that I received as a wedding gift over 26 years ago that I still use regularly. They are amazing and unbelievably affordable! They make wonderful gifts!”

Make the right choice and start your independent sales business with Rada Cutlery today! You will find all the information you need to make your decision on the Rada web site in the Sell Rada section.  Click on the Request Catalog button in the right hand corner to request your information packet (or call customer service at 800-311-9691).

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