Wow your friends and family with this colorful, delightful Chocolate Swiss Roll and Fruit Bouquet! Packed with healthy, sweet fruits and delicious chocolate pastries, this fruit arrangement makes a great centerpiece for any party or get-together!

Swiss Roll Fruit Bouquet Video Recipe:

Ingredients you will need:

  • 1 whole fresh pineapple
  • 16 to 20 (10”) wooden skewers
  • 8 Ho Ho or Swiss Roll chocolate cake rolls
  • 20 fresh medium strawberries
  • 2 bananas (ripe but firm)
  • 2 T. lemon juice

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Fruit Bouquet Collage

Ho Hos Fruit Bouquet Video Transcript

Ho Ho Bouquet Video Transcript

Hi, Kristy in the Rada Kitchen, and today I’m making an edible fruit arrangement. What you need is a whole pineapple, about 20 fresh strawberries, 2 whole bananas, 8 of these Ho Hos or Swiss rolls as they call them, 2 tablespoons lemon juice and about 20 of these wooden skewers.

First we’re going to prepare a pineapple boat for the base. Cut a third of that pineapple off we’re going to have the leaves remain intact. We’re just going to cut down and we’re going to save this part. Then we’re going to use this. What I’m going to do is cut it in half. Make sure the core is out. Then I’m going to go through and wedge it like this. Then we’re going to fillet that off so I’ll just go through each side. Now if you wanted to serve this as boats you’d put that on a plate and maybe serve it with a meal. But we’re actually going to save these. You can discard the peeling. Then we’re going to cut these Ho Hos into 3 even slices, so you’re going to make 2 cuts. And that’s on 8 of them.

And then on 20 strawberries you’re going to slice just below that where the leafy part ends. Just straight off. And the bananas we’ll just slice into 1 inch pieces. And now these you’ll want to dip in some lemon juice and drain on some paper towels, which will prevent them from turning brown.

So now we’re ready to place these on the skewers. On one skewer we’re just going to use 2 pieces. It can be any combination. And on these you’ll want to put it so the swirly part points out, making a cute little effect. And then on 6 skewers we’re going to put 3 pieces. We’ll do pineapple, strawberry. You want to make sure you slide them down the pointed end.

And then on 3 skewers we’re going to place 4 pieces of fruit and cake. And then on 3 skewers we’re going to put 5 pieces of fruit and cake. You might have to slide it down a little further. And then on the last 3 we’re going to add 6 pieces of fruit and cake. And you want to slide them towards the pointed end but leave about 2 inches.

So now I have all my skewers assembled and we’re ready to put it in the pineapple. If your pineapple doesn’t sit straight on your plate, you can just level it off, removing some of that peeling, there. Now we’re ready to start assembling.

So your one skewer that had 2 pieces. The pointed side down. We’re going to put it in this corner. And then with a pruning shears, or these kitchen scissors, we’re going to cut that stick off. It’s going to go flying, but that’s okay. Now we’re going to work diagonal. So for the next one we have 6 skewers with 3 pieces on it. So stick it in there. Push the fruit to the bottom. Cut it about an inch from the top. Then we’re going to put this one right behind that 2 piece one.

Some are going to be a little taller than others depending on how big your strawberries were. Now this would be cute as a table centerpiece for an event. Maybe you’re raising money for a fundraiser. Also, all the knives I use in these videos, you can sell them to make a 40% profit for your fundraiser. If you’re interested in that, check out our website.

Okay, so now I have my 6 skewers with 3 pieces, now I’m going to go to the 4 piece skewers. This is going to add height. It’s going to build it up. It’s great with this swirly Ho Hos in there. And you can have a fruit dip in a bowl. People could spoon it onto their plates or just dip them in.

And we’re ending up with our skewers that have 6 of them. And as you get to these that are loaded with 6 items you might not even have to cut them because you can have enough skewers so that people can hold onto them.

And here’s our Sweet Swirl Edible Arrangement. It looks too pretty to eat, but it’s too delicious to not eat. It would be really good with one of the Rada Quick Mix Sweet Dips. I hope you have fun making it!

End of Video Transcript