Trapshooting is the most popular shooting sport in America and the world. Popularized in the 19th century and recognized as an Olympic sport, countless Americans of all ages enjoy trapshooting every year. Teens across the country participate in trapshooting through private clubs, high school teams, and independently.

What Happens in Trapshooting?

Like many games, trapshooting is easy to learn and understand, but incredibly difficult to master. Though exact rules and practices vary depending on the circumstances, the sport essentially sees shooters, individually or in teams, trying to hit a clay pigeon (or pigeons) in flight with a shotgun round, usually at a shooting club. This can be made more challenging depending on the distance the shooter is from the target thrower, the number of clay pigeons thrown, the number of shots allowed, and various other factors. It’s a sport that’s fun, but requires exceptional concentration and discipline in order to excel.

Though firearms are used, all energy is focused outwards towards clay pigeons, meaning that not only is trapshooting an incredibly safe activity, it also is conducive to good sportsmanship. The physical requirements are such that people of all sorts can compete on roughly equal ground, making it an ideal sport for many people.

Click here to visit the Amateur Trapshooting Association website, the governing body for American trapshooting, to find a trapshooting group near you!

Fundraising for Trapshooting

Like most activities, trapshooting does require a financial investment. Those who take up trapshooting will need a shotgun and shotgun shells, and incur other expenses such as range fees, equipment such as shell-holding vests and target throwers, firearm modifications, transportation costs, and more.

Whether you’re in need of a couple hundred or a couple thousand dollars for trapshooting, raising funds can be a difficult experience. That’s where Rada Cutlery comes in.

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What is Rada Cutlery?

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Trap Shooters Fundraise with Rada

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How Do I Fundraise with Rada?

For over 65 years, Rada has been the partner of choice for countless groups looking to raise money for good causes. Be it earning money for a high school team to fund cancer research, clay shooting, or a band trip, Rada fundraisers have time and time again been proven to be the most effective way for a group to meet and exceed their financial goals.

Watch this video for a look at the Turkey Valley Trapshooting Team, an Iowa-based high school team that successfully fundraised with Rada Cutlery!

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Rada Fundraising For Other Activities

A Rada fundraiser isn’t just the best way to fund a trapshooting team. Try partnering with Rada to successfully fund these other sports and activities:

  • Audio/Video – A fundraiser can purchase essential supplies such as video cameras and editing software, or cover the expenses of a short film.
  • Band – Money could be raised to cover instruments, instructional material, trips, and more.
  • Bowling – Funds could go towards bowling balls, alley fees, or transportation costs.
  • Drama – Fundraising can help build sets, pay licensing fees, or cover field trips.
  • Foreign Language – Funds can pay for overseas trips as well as instructional materials.
  • Golf – Clubs, trips to the course, and other expenses can be covered with a Rada fundraiser.
  • People to People – Allow students to take an amazing trip to various parts of the world.
  • Robotics – Students can use funds to pay for sophisticated equipment necessary for designing a cutting-edge robot.

Of course, a Rada fundraiser is also perfect for:

  • Cheerleading
  • Choir
  • Dance
  • Fencing
  • Gymnastics
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse
  • Mathematics
  • Model United Nations
  • Soccer
  • Speech
  • Tennis
  • Track
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling

Rada Mfg. Co. has been helping fundraising groups, big and small, raise money for over 65 years. We help around 18,000 non-profit groups fund raise each year. Our company and systems are centered around making the fundraising system easy for groups and leaders.

If you belong to a club, team, church or school group looking to raise money, we encourage you to consider selling Rada Cutlery. Your supporters will appreciate buying useful products at a remarkable value (you will be working directly with the manufacturer so there are no middlemen adding unnecessary cost).

Trapshooting Fundraising Video Transcript

Beginning Rada Fundraising: Turkey Valley Trapshooting Video Transcript

“I’m Jacob Vsetecka. I’ve been trapshooting for four years.”

“I’m Sloan Huinker and I’m a trapshooter.”

“I like shooting guns and being outside and having fun with the friends.”

“It makes me more outgoing too. It’s different from everyone else.”

“There’ll be five people standing here, they’ll shoot one – then the next person will shoot one. Then you’ll move back to the nineteen yard line and just do it all over again.”

“My name is Henry Langreck and I’m an assistant coach for the Turkey Valley Trap Team.”

“Trapshooting is really expensive, ya know, it can be up to six hundred dollars or more.”

Text on screen: “To become part of the Rada fundraising family, see the end of the video.”

“They can use Rada. That way, they don’t have to come up with that kind of money.”

“We go to our neighbors and go to towns and just ask people if they wanna buy knives.”

Text on screen: “Orders taken from the fundraising catalog.”

“The kids are able to work off their cost for their shells and clays through the season of trapshooting.”

Text on screen: “18,000 groups partner with Rada each year.”

“They have good products ’cause they’re made in the USA.”
“Of all the fundraisers I do, it’s probably the best one. All the people up there at the Rada Manufacturing plant are so easy to work with.”

Text on screen: “Schools, churches, sports teams and other groups are able to keep 40% of their fundraising profits.”

“It’s been probably the best and easiest thing we’ve done.”

End Trapshooting Fundraising Video Transcript