Theme parties are fun ways to throw a get-together. If you’re a fan of luau parties, Hawaiian parties, or just summer parties in general, these are some fun garnishes to try next time you throw one! Learn how to make an onion flower garnish and a palm tree garnish.

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How to Make an Onion Flower Garnish

This is a great decoration for a fruit or vegetable platter, and can even be used to contain vegetable dip.

Ingredients you will need:

  • A medium-sized onion
  • Food coloring of choice

Peel the outermost layer off.

First, peel the outermost layer of your onion off.

Cut the onion into slices.

Next, start from the root and slice down every quarter to a half inch. Once you have sliced your onion all the way around, peel the remaining layers apart to create petals. Do not remove the root, however, as it holds the onion together.

Dip your onion in hot water and food coloring.

Dip your onion flower into very hot water to firm it up and to remove the onion scent. Then dip it into food coloring for 20-30 minutes for it to take a beautiful faded color.

onion flower garnish

Voila! Your onion flower garnish is ready to impress.

How to Make a Palm Tree Garnish

These garnishes will make cute decorations for a fun luau party with friends.

Ingredients you will need:

  • A large potato
  • A carrot
  • A green pepper

Slice your potato in half.

Begin with the potato and slice it in half to create two bases. Use the Rada Utility Knife to make an easy, perfect cut.

Slice the carrot and place onto base.

Next take the carrot to make the palm tree trunk. Use the Regular Paring Knife and, according to which height you want it to be, slice off the ends so both are flat.

The larger part of the carrot should go at the bottom. A trick to use is to put a toothpick in first, center it, and push the carrot right on top.

Make the palms by slicing the green pepper.

Now we will make the leaves for the palm trees. Cut the end off of your green pepper and clean out the insides. Start slicing where the crease is and cut to the other one. Don’t cut all the way to the center, because that will hold the leaves together. Repeat for other leaves.

Place another toothpick into the carrot.

Put another toothpick in the center of the carrot. This will be too long, so you’ll want to break it off about a quarter inch up. Put your palm there.

palm tree garnish

Now you have an adorable centerpiece for a Hawaiian-themed party!

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What is a Luau?

A delicious luau food spread.

A luau is a Hawaiian celebration that typically features delicious food and spectacular entertainment. At an authentic luau, one might find dishes lomilomi salmon, chicken long rice, kalua pork, poi, and other delightful Hawaiian dishes.

Check out Wikipedia to learn much more about luaus!

Let’s Luau!

Watch Kristi Kay’s instructional videos for extra cutting techniques while making these garnishes. They can be tricky, so it’s best to get some extra tips!

Onion Flower Garnish Video

Luau Arrangements Video:

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Palm Tree Garnish Collage

Onion Flower Garnish Video Transcript:

Hi, Kristi at the Rada kitchen, and today I’m going to demonstrate how to make an onion flower. This is a beautiful onion flower you could put on your hors d’voeures  tray with your fruits and vegetables. I’ve even seen it where they cut out the center and put a dip in there. You can color them like this to make it really beautiful.

So the first thing you need is a medium sized white onion, and I’m just going to take the outer peeling off. You want to leave the root end; if it has long roots then you want to cut those off. But now all you simply do is start at the top, and cut down to about a half an inch, quarter inch, from the root. And then you go over to the next pedal, and cut down. Now you don’t want to cut all the way through, because that root is what holds all the petals together. I think I will just cut the very tip of it off. Now, to make this onion flower bloom, I’m going to put it in very hot water. I put it in the microwave, almost to a boil. So we’re going to put that in really hot water for about 30 seconds. This will also take away that strong onion smell. So after 30 seconds, you then want to dip it into ice water. Now, I put food coloring in here, to make it this pretty blue color. You don’t have to put food coloring, if you just want a white one, or you can put any color you want, it does make a really pretty effect on the onion. Now you’ll leave this, you might even have to keep adding ice, but this is what will make the flower bloom, so you want to leave it in there for about 20-30 minutes.

So let your onion flower soak for at least 30 minutes to make it bloom, and it will be a beautiful locus flower.

End of Onion Flower Garnish Video Transcript.

Luau Party Vegetable Arrangements Video Transcript:

Hi, Kristi in the Rada kitchen, and here’s a neat little garnish I’m going to show you how to make for your next Hawaiian themed party.

For the base, you’re going to use a medium to large size potato. I’m going to use the Rada Utility Knife, and we’re going to slice that in half. So you just slice it in half crosswise, that way you have two bases.

Then you’re going to take just a regular carrot, and with the paring knife, kind of decide what height you want it, you can make them different heights. I’m going to take about an inch, inch and a half off of each end.

You’ll want the larger part of the carrot on the bottom. Then here’s a trick I do, is put in a toothpick first, and center it, and you just push the carrot right on top.

There you have the stem of your palm tree, and now with a green pepper, this is going to be the top. So I’m going to cut the end off first, and you can clean out the insides. So we’re going to make three palms, so I’m just going to start where the crease is, and cut out to there, and then where the other crease is.

Now don’t cut all the way to the center because you need that. You want to start probably an inch out, and then again and you’ll make another diagonal cut. Then again.

So now, just like on the bottom, I’m going to put the toothpick in the center of the carrot. This will be too long, so you’ll want to break it off about a quarter inch up. And then you just put your palm on there. This is a cute, easy garnish for your next Hawaiian Luau party.

End of Luau Party Vegetable Arrangements Video Transcript.