Halloween is just around the corner, lurking like a ghost, waiting to frighten and entertain! Halloween offers kids and adults alike opportunities to get creative, have a good time, and eat some delicious treats. Here are some fun Halloween recipes to give your party or gathering an extra scary boost!

Halloween Party Treats

Bloody Cream Cheese Eyeball Dip

A cream cheese eyeball with a Rada Regular Paring knife.

This creepy cream cheese eyeball gives your Halloween celebration a spicy kick! Featuring cream cheese, raspberries, and jalapenos, it’s sweet and just a tiny bit hot.

Brittle Bone Pretzel Marshmallows

These spooky pretzel and marshmallow Brittle Bones are a scary treat kids and adults will love!

These tasty pretzels dipped in chocolate and speared with marshmallows look like spooky bones. It’s a sweet, scary party treat with a spine-tingling twist!

Chicken Parm Scary Skull Quesadilla

A delicious screaming skull chicken parm quesadilla with a Rada Pizza Cutter.

This delicious quesadilla is a freaky fun Italian twist on a Mexican food classic. Featuring succulent chicken, sweet tomato sauce, and a tortilla cooked to perfection, this makes a scary appetizer or a frighteningly fun meal!

Chocolate Mice Recipe

Chocolate Cherry Mice

These delightful chocolate mice combine chocolate and cherries for a treat that’s almost as fun to make as it is to eat! Both creepy and cute, no Halloween party is complete without them.

Fish Bowl Punch

Fishbowl Punch

A refreshing sweet glass of underwater punch is just what the Halloween doctor ordered! Tasty and refreshing, your guests will not only love the flavor of this punch, but the fun look of the bowl.

Ham and Pickle Skull Dip

A platter of scary ham and pickle skull dip.

This dip looks like something out of your nightmares, but tastes like something out of your most delightful dreams! Featuring cream cheese and ham made to look like a terrifying skull, this party snack is eerie good fun!

Meatball Eyeballs

Spooky good Meatball Eyeballs!

Made from your favorite ground meat (beef, pork, or turkey) and baked in delicious marinara sauce, these meatball eyeballs are a horror show of tasty fun! Halloween parties won’t be the same once you’ve tried one.

Mummified Ginger Cookies

Mummified Ginger Cookies

These scary-good cookies are cursed with delicious ginger flavors! Whip up a batch for a treat that will be a creepy hit with your guests.

Spooky Spider Web Dip

A platter of spooky fun Spider Web Dip.

Featuring guacamole, cheese, fresh veggies, a sour cream spiderweb, and eerie plastic spiders, this dip will be the highlight of any Halloween party! Grab a bag of chips and watch as the dip disappears in no time!

Carve the Perfect Jack-O-Lantern!

Kristi uses a Rada knife to carve a pumpkin.

Halloween isn’t complete without a good Jack-O-Lantern, and we’ll show you how to make one in a few simple steps! If you’re feeling creative after carving the classic look, be sure to try an original or popular design. There’s no limit to the fun, funny, spooky, and creative designs one can come up with. You can even host a pumpkin carving contest at your Halloween party!

A batch of roasted pumpkin seeds in a Rada Rectangular Baker with a Rada Ice Cream Scoop.

When you’re done carving the pumpkins, be sure to try our roasted pumpkin seed recipe for another tasty treat!

Do You Like Scary Movies?

There’s no better time of the year to watch scary movies than around Halloween. Here are three classic horror films, one for each age group in your family!


Boris Karloff in James Whale's 1931 film "Frankenstein."

Based on Mary Shelley’s classic novel, this wonderful 1931 film gave Frankenstein’s monster his iconic look. It’s scary, but also safe for children to watch! The film follows the mad Dr. Victor Frankenstein as he creates a tortured creature without a place in this world.


Robert Shaw battles a giant shark in Steven Spielberg's 1975 film "Jaws."

This 1975 blockbuster defined summer moviegoing and launched legendary director Steven Spielberg’s career. It’s pretty frightening, but appropriate for teens and mature kids. The story concerns a man-eating great white shark that terrorizes a beach community, forcing several men to take to the ocean to hunt the beast.

Night of the Living Dead

Zombies move across an open field in George A. Romero's 1968 film "Night of the Living Dead."

Be sure to put the kids to bed for this horror classic, the zombie movie that started a pop culture trend that’s more popular today than ever! The film follows a dangerous night where zombies besiege a small group of survivors hiding in a remote farmhouse.

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A juicy steak with a Rada Stubby Butcher knife.

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