In 2010, the island nation of Haiti suffered a devastating earthquake. Hundreds of thousands of Haitians were killed and millions more were directly affected by this tragic event. Christian groups from all across America have since put their efforts towards alleviating Haitian suffering through both monetary donations and mission trips. These groups need financial support to do their noble work, and with Rada Cutlery, they can get all the funds they need!

About Mission Trips to Haiti

An adorable Haitian child smiles for the camera.

The standard of living in Haiti could be a shock to many from the United States. Over half of Haiti’s population is said to live in abject poverty. A lack of staples such as clean water, food, medical treatment, and education is pervasive all across Haiti.

The good done by mission trips and charitable organizations that visit Haiti cannot be overstated. Mission trips provide food, and clean water, offer medical treatment to the sick and infirm, present skilled labor and funds for construction and repair projects, and more. Mission trips to Haiti don’t just help out, but actually save lives and make a profound impact on thousands.

Climb for Haiti

Climb for Haiti volunteers prepare a meal.

One group dedicated to helping the people of Haiti is Climb for Haiti. Its founders are Matt and Tricia Spading, who started the organization to empower Haitians to better their circumstances.

“We formed our nonprofit to work alongside Haitians who had formed their own organizations,” Tricia said, noting that her group works closely with Haitian organizations to support their efforts. “We say that the ‘b’ in Climb for Haiti stands for ‘believe in those we are serving.'”

The Climb for Haiti website hosts an online Rada sales option. This allows supporters to easily purchase Rada products, with the profits going directly to Climb for Haiti.

Tricia has done more than fundraise with Rada, though. She has also brought Rada knives to Haiti for use by local cooks.

“I brought some Rada knives to Kenold, the mission house cook,” she said. “He loved the knives! They’re sharp and don’t rust in the humid Haitian heat.”

The Best Haiti Mission Trip Fundraiser

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In order for mission trips and charities to do their good work, precious funds are needed as expenses add up. Travel, lodging, food, materials, and other costs must be covered for the trips to properly provide the assistance the Haitian people need. Raising the necessary funds can be a challenge, and that’s where Rada Cutlery comes in!

With Rada Cutlery, groups can get the funds they need to do good for the people of Haiti! Tens of thousands of non-profit organizations, including many mission groups, successfully meet and exceed their fundraising goals by partnering with Rada Cutlery each year.

Here are five reasons why Rada Cutlery is the best choice for Haiti mission trip fundraising:

1. Fantastic Products – Rada Cutlery offers superior products that your supporters will actually want to buy and use. There are 26 pieces of cutlery, 21 kitchen utensils  that cover virtually every recipe, 42 cookbooks with countless recipes, and six stoneware baking pans.  28 gift sets are great for any special occasion, while our 43 delicious Quick Mixes make incredible appetizers, desserts, and meals. All cutlery, utensils, and gift sets come with a Lifetime Guarantee, so your supporters can buy and use with confidence!

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3. Helpful Customer Service – Rada’s customer service are the best in the fundraising industry. Every Rada Cutlery representative is friendly, courteous, and above all, helpful!


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4. Three Effective Ways to Sell – A Rada fundraiser offers three sales methods that will utilize your group’s strengths and maximize profits! Catalog sales is a tried-and-true, classic sales method that sees your group offering catalogs to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Event sales feature a personal touch, taking advantage of friendly crowds and physical interaction with our stellar products. Last but not least is online sales, which lets utilize the power of the Internet to make easy sales to supporters close and far. Use one or a combination of the methods and watch your group’s funds roll in!

5. USA-Made Cutlery – Every Rada product is made entirely in the USA. American workers craft each item with unparalleled skill, making products your group and its supporters can be proud to own and use. Stop by our website to learn more about how our employees make Rada products the best for your Haiti fundraiser!

Rada is often called upon by charitable groups in order to help Haiti. We hear from group leaders such as Hope from Tennessee, who writes “We need to help labor and delivery nurses raise $2500 to go to Haiti to train healthcare workers to provide safe care.” Rada allows these groups to get the help they need!

Our fundraising website has all the information you need to get your Rada Cutlery fundraiser started!

Two Haitian men unload US aid supplies.

Habitat for Humanity in Haiti

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building “simple, decent, and affordable” housing for those in need. Habitat volunteers have constructed quality housing for people on six continents, bettering lives in America and abroad.

Habitat for Humanity homes can be found across Haiti. Over 55,000 Haitian families have benefited from Habitat’s efforts, including many through the organization’s earthquake recovery program. A Rada Cutlery fundraiser is a great way to raise money for a Habitat group.

Check out Habitat for Humanity’s Haiti website for more information!

Facts About Haiti

A map featuring Haiti.

  • Haiti’s capital city is Port-au-Prince.
  • Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, with 80% of its citizens living in poverty.
  • Unemployment in Haiti is around 40%.
  • In Haiti, 54 percent live in abject poverty. Two-thirds of children suffer from malnutrition and 1 out of 14 children die before reaching their fifth birthday.
  • Haiti shares an island with the Dominican Republic.
  • The United States is Haiti’s primary trade partner. More than 50% of Haiti’s imports come from the U.S., while over 80% of their exports reach American shores.

Visit Wikipedia to learn more about Haiti.

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