Of the world’s many sports, few embody the athlete’s commitment to physical excellence in the way gymnastics does. Using their body as the instrument, dedicated gymnasts exemplify fitness, grace, and dedication to competition. Gymnastics is celebrated as one of the best competitive games here in the United States and across the world.

Gymnastics: A Sport of Multitudes

When people hear “gymnastics,” they certainly think of a gymnasium, and they might think of trampolines, balance beams, or pommel horses. But under the umbrella of gymnastics are a litany of disciplines that put every conceivable skill of the gymnast to the test. Floor exercise, the high bar, parallel bars, tumbling, the vault and many more disciplines make gymnastics a rich, vast endeavor that’s great for youthful practitioners. Children’s gymnastics is one of the leading extracurricular activities in America, and with good reason!

Click here to visit the website of USA Gymnastics, the governing body of the sport of gymnastics in the United States!

A young gymnast hones her craft.

Fundraising for Gymnastics

Though the gymnast her or himself is the most important element of gymnastics, the sport is not without its material requirements. Ideally, any gymnast has access to proper facilities, along with an array of proper equipment. Trips to competitions and tournaments can also be expensive, putting a strain on limited budgets.

Whatever the needs of the individual gymnast, gymnastics team, or gymnastics school, there exists the ideal way to raise anywhere from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, and that way is a partnership with Rada Cutlery.

“My daughters are constantly selling stuff to help cover tumble and recital costs but none of them have the profits like Rada,” said Brian from Indiana. My family has used Rada for years and we love the choices and quality!”

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What is Rada Cutlery?

Rada Cutlery is America’s premier manufacturer of cutlery and kitchen products. Since 1948, Rada Cutlery has been producing the nation’s best knives, utensils, and more, making the Rada name synonymous with superior quality. Based out of the Midwest, every Rada product is made entirely in the USA, from design to manufacture.

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Why Rada is the Best Fundraising Idea for Your Club or Team!

Here are five reasons why Rada Cutlery is the only way to go when it comes to fundraising. Those who have held Rada fundraisers before know that the real question isn’t, “why,” but “why not?”

1. Amazing Products – Rada Cutlery offers 26 pieces of fabulous cutlery, renowned for their durability and sharpness. There are also 21 kitchen utensils to help prepare any meal, and 43 Quick Mixes that range from dips to cheeseballs to sauces to marinades to soups to seasonings – something for every cook. 42 cookbooks offer are great for both personal use or gift giving, while Rada’s 6 stoneware provide a superior baking experience. 28 gift sets are available to make the perfect present for any occasion! All cutlery, kitchen utensils, and gift sets come with a Lifetime Guarantee! Click here to browse some of our most talked-about products!

2. 40% Profit – Every sale with Rada Cutlery nets your cause an astounding average profit of 40%. The fundraising profit percentage is an important factor but equally important is the interest from supporters to make purchases your gymnastics tumbling team or club will be working directly with the manufacture as the only link between the factory and the purchaser.  This means your fundraising supporters will get a remarkable value while supporting your cause – everyone wins!

3. Sell Your Way – Rada offers three distinct ways to fundraise. One is catalog sales, in which you distribute catalogs to friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. Another is to offer Rada for sale at events such as a bake sale, crafts show, sporting event, or church service to allow supporters to see firsthand how exceptional the products are. You can also utilize the Internet and fundraise online, expanding your reach to those who live far away and across social media. Use one, two, or all three methods to utilize your group’s strengths and maximize your fundraiser’s effectiveness!

4. Unbeatable Customer Service – We hear every day from fundraisers raving about the excellence of Rada Cutlery’s customer service. Our knowledgeable, friendly support staff routinely go above and beyond to ensure that your fundraiser is a success!

5. USA-Made Cutlery – Rada Cutlery is proudly based in the American Midwest. All of our products are entirely made in the USA, so when you offer Rada to potential supporters, you can let them know that their purchases support American industry. Visit our website to learn more about how our employees’ skill and dedication make Rada the best you can buy!

Rada Factory with American Flag

How Do I Start a Rada Fundraiser?

Getting a Rada Cutlery fundraiser started is the easiest part! Every year tens of thousands of groups, including churches, schools, civic organizations, sports teams, and more meet and exceed their financial goals with a Rada Cutlery fundraiser.

“This was a great fundraiser last year,” wrote the staff of Tumble Towne in Russellville, Kentucky. “We want to try it again!”

Stop by our fundraising website to get your own Rada Cutlery fundraiser started today!

Watch this video for a look at how one gymnastics team raised over $14,000 by partnering with Rada Cutlery!

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Photos from various gymnastic events.

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Gymnastics Fundraising Video Transcript

Video Transcript:

“Double Mini.”

“Back walkover.”

“Rod floor.”

“The kids like the tumble track and the double mini and the tramp. But our main sport is tumbling.”

“We work really hard and our coach pushes us to be our best.”

“I enjoy working with kids. I have a lot of kids come back and sometimes they come here before they come home. We got involved with Rada and it has turned out to be a really good product. We’ve sold a lot of it. It’s our biggest seller.”

“We each get a packet of Rada and we can resell as much as we can. It’s good stuff it lasts a while.”

Text on screen: To become part of the Rada Fundraising family see the end of the video.

“We’ve been very fortunate with having Rada as our supporter. We’ve been able to purchase new equipment, send some of the kids to nationals, buy leotards.”

Text on screen: Sports teams, schools, churches, and other groups earn 40% fundraising profit on their sales.

“The floor alone is $10,000. And we don’t if we don’t have a fundraiser, we don’t have that.”

“We’re small. They have this little gym that they compete in. But they have same equipment that everyone else has.”

“One year I told the kids if they sold $10,000 worth of Rada, they could dye my hair. They sold $14,000, so I ended up with green hair.”

“It’s been a huge asset for us and we can’t thank them enough.”

End of Video Transcript

Tumbling Team Fundraiser Collage