Does your group need to raise funds for a project?  Are you looking for a great fundraising idea?  Thousands of groups find that selling Rada Cutlery to be their best fundraiser each year.

The Rada Cutlery fundraising program is good for everyone involved – group leaders, members and supporters!

The fundraising group leaders appreciate earning 40% profit with a system that is easy.  The Rada Mfg. Co. fundraising program started in 1948 and continues to evolve to serve the needs of fundraising groups.  For example, fundraising leaders can choose the easiest way to place their orders – mail, fax, phone or web.  99% of all orders are shipped in two working days of being received!

The group members appreciate fundraising with useful products.  Selling Made in the USA Rada Cutlery products helps make it easy to approach friends, family and neighbors to ask them to support their fundraiser.

The supporters of Rada Cutlery fundraisers appreciate the remarkable value they get on quality kitchen knives and utensils.  The secret behind the remarkable value is that the fundraising group is working directly with the factory.  This means there are no middlemen adding unneccessary costs.

Other highlights that make Rada Cutlery the best fundraising idea include:

  1. Free internet ordering for taking and shipping orders to out of town relatives.
  2. Fundraising supporters can always find items to buy including kitchen knives, utensils and gift sets; quick mixes and cookbooks, as well as stoneware.
  3. Easy guide included to make it easy for leaders to take full advantage of all the fundraising ideas available to them.

Visit our website to learn more about Rada Cutlery fundraising! You can also call customer service at 800-311-9691.

Click to view an online version of our fundraising catalog.

Cover of the Rada Fundraising Catalog

Check out our Fundraising Made EASY leader’s guide a quick look at Rada fundraisers!

Rada Cutlery Leader's Fundraising Guide