Do you ever find the job of cutting a grapefruit a daunting task? Now with the Rada Cutlery Grapefruit Knife, eating a grapefruit is much easier and less messy than using a grapefruit spoon.

The Best Grapefruit Knife

The Rada Grapefruit Knife’s 3 3/8” blade features an angled tip and double-sided serration that helps you easily separate the individual grapefruit pieces. It is also used to separate the outer edge of the segments from the rim and membrane of the fruit. With the Rada Cutlery Grapefruit knife, you will find cutting and preparing a grapefruit has never been easier! The knife can also be used for cutting oranges or other citrus fruits. Just look to see what a customer had to say.

Daniel, an Amazon user, commented:

“How refreshing to find something that is well made in the USA, well priced, and does the job. I can’t imagine how one would make a better grapefruit knife. Those ones with blades on both ends are silly and possibly dangerous. I often use it to cut sections of large oranges as well as grapefruits. And it has a lifetime warranty. Very nice!”

The grapefruit knife is offered in the stainless steel resin handle for dishwasher tolerance or the cast solid brushed aluminum handles. Like other products, the knife has a lifetime guarantee and stays very sharp after countless uses!

How to Use the Grapefruit Knife

In the video below, Kristi demonstrates how to cut the grapefruit. First, cut the grapefruit in half and take the knife all the way around the outside. Next, start maneuvering the knife in between each section for less mess and easier use.

Grapefruit Cutting Video Transcript:

Hi, I am Kristi and today I would like to demonstrate the Rada Serrated Grapefruit Knife. First you will need your grapefruit and you will want to cut it through the circumference, so you the stems are on each side. I am going to use a utility knife to cut it in half.

Here is the serrated grapefruit knife. It is serrated on both sides so if you are left handed or right handed it is easy to use. You will simply cut between the fruit and the rind. As you can see the tip is bent so it will get under each section.

First you will separate the fruit from each little area. Then all you do is pull out each section. You can serve it in salads or eat it that way. We really love to use the grapefruit knife especially in the winter. Grapefruit is full in vitamin C. The Rada Grapefruit Knife makes it simple.

End of Grapefruit Cutting Video Transcript

Order Your Grapefruit Knife

The Rada Grapefruit Knife has a litany of appealing features.

The amazing Rada Cutlery grapefruit knife can be purchased at the online Rada Kitchen Store!