The National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry, often known simple as the Grange, is a fraternal organization committed to protecting and advancing agriculture and communities. You may have heard of them, or perhaps you or someone you know is a member. With over 160,000 members and a presence in 2,100 communities, it’s not unlikely!

What is the Grange? 

Founded in 1867, the Grange is an advocacy group that lobbies on behalf of the nation’s farmers. If there is an issue pertinent to farmers in America, you can rest assured that the Grange is acting in the interests of those who provide our food.

With a home office in Washington, D.C., the Grange is non-partisan, supporting not politicians or parties, but the policies that prove most effective in boosting agriculture. They also sponsor community service, social activities, and more!

For kids 5-14, there’s the Junior Grange, which teaches a wide range of values such as respect, patriotism, and a love of civil service.

What Does Grange Mean? Who Started the Grange?

People often ask, “What is a Grange Hall?” The word “Grange” itself actually refers to a rural home with various farm buildings nearby.

The Grange began after the Civil War when Oliver Kelley, tasked by President Andrew Johnson to help improve agriculture in the post-war South, decided that a fraternal organization was needed to bring Northern and Southern farmers together. Thus, a Grange Hall was a place for farmers to gather.

The first Grange, Grange #1, was founded in Fredonia, New York. Within a few years, the Grange was a political force to be reckoned with, its accomplishments including free rural mail delivery, the Farm Credit System, regulation of railroads and grain warehouses, and more. The Grange has been a friend to farmers and communities ever since.

A gorgeous farm.

Fundraising for the Grange

The Grange is tireless in its efforts on behalf of America’s farmers and communities. These efforts are noble and have immeasurably positive impact on farmers and the nation as a whole, but often require precious funds to fulfill their potential.

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Fundraising for Nonprofit Groups!

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Fundraising for Eagle Scouts

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Mothers of Preschoolers

Fundraising for Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS)

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Fundraising for Rainbow Girls

Soccer ball on the field.

Fundraising for Soccer Teams

A rack of shotguns for trapshooting.

Fundraising for Trapshooting

The White House is the home of the executive branch.

Fundraising for Washington D.C. School Trips