The school year is winding down and soon the graduation party season will begin. Giving a gift that your graduate can use will be something he or she will really appreciate. Rada Cutlery has many kitchen utensils and products that would be perfect for a high school graduate or college graduate!

Below is a sample basket where we selected a variety of different items we thought would be useful for a college student and arranged them in a basket for a unique, customizable gift.

In our basket we included:

Pizza Cutter: Pizza is a college student’s best friend, and for those with a Pizzazz or pizza oven, this pizza cutter will definitely come in handy. The cutter can quickly cut all types of pizza from frozen to homemade.

Ice Cream Scoop: Ice cream is a basic food group for some college students so we thought this would be a perfect item to include in our gift basket. Rada’s ice cream scoop serves the hardest ice cream with ease.

Regular Paring: This knife is small and comes in handy for a college student. It is the perfect introduction, for your graduate, to the Rada Cutlery’s knife selection, and it very useful for cutting foods such as fruit.

Rada Quick-Grip-Clips: These clips are perfect for resealing bags, especially chip bags. The Rada Quick-Grip-Clip seals the bag so securely you can carry the bag by the clip without worrying about it slipping out.

Peanut Butter cookbook: The Peanut Butter cookbook has fun, easy to make recipes with peanut butter as the main ingredient. The cookbook is pocket sized so it is very easy to store. Rada also offers 7 other books focusing on one main ingredient, like bananas and chocolate, with 101 recipes.

For more tips on arranging gift baskets visit, eHow and watch their series on making gift baskets. All the heading of the products listed are clickable to allow an easy shopping experience for your graduation gifts!

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