Have you ever thought of adding a sweet and elegant touch to your main dish? It’s so easy to do! Impress your guests with a garnish on your next creation.

Tomato Rose Garnish

A tomato rose is the perfect garnish to add a touch of elegance to any plate and is simple to make. In the video below Chef Jere will show you how to make a tomato rose using the Rada Cutlery Peeling Paring knife. This knife is very popular because of it’s shorter and easier to maneuver blade.

The peeling paring knife works well for making a tomato rose garnish because it allows you to have a lot of control when cutting the tomato like a rose. This knife also works well for peeling other fruits and vegetables such as kiwi or small potatoes.

Radish Florette Garnish

If you are attending a party and are looking for a simple way to spice up your garnish or vegetable tray, try making this decorative radish florette. It only takes a matter of minutes to create and the end product will add an elegant touch to any Holiday party. In the video below Chef Jere will walk you through step by step on how to create a radish flower garnish using the granny paring knife:

Radish cut for garnishing

Carrot Flower Garnish

Garnishes are a great way to add color and appeal to dinner plates. Try this Carrot flower garnish at your next meal or party. The carrot flowers are easy to make and is a great way to get your kids to eat carrots. In the video below, Chef Jere shows how to make carrot rose garnishes using the Rada Granny Paring knife.  A trick to do is put the flowers in ice water for an hour before garnishing your plates, this helps expand the petals of the flower.

Granny Paring Knife

The Granny Paring Knife

The granny paring knife has a 2 3/8” reverse blade for slicing. With the reverse  blade, one can cut away or towards them depending on preference. The granny paring knife is great for almost any small to medium sized vegetable or fruit.

Peeling Paring Knife

Rada Peeling Paring Knife

This is the best knife for peeling fruits and vegetables because the blade length makes it easy to control. For the same reason, you will find using the peeling paring knife is the perfect option when preparing garnishes and other detail cutting.

Rada Cutlery Quick Facts

Heavy Duty Paring Knife

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Garnishes Galore Videos 

Watch Chef Jere’s videos to see step-by-step instructions on how to create these garnishes.

Tomato Garnish Video:

Radish Garnish Video:

Carrot Garnish Video:

Tomato Rose Garnish Video Transcript:

Today we are going to make a tomato rose; we are going to use it for a garnish with our chipotle chili deviled eggs. I am going to use a small paring knife to do this with. Let me start with a tomato, it’s a slicing tomato. You can start at the top or the bottom. You are going to start slicing as thin as possible, going around the tomato.

Kind of like peeling an apple but it’s a tomato, keeping it as thin as possible. Just going completely around the tomato. Be a little careful, this is a tedious process; you want to keep an eye on what you are doing.

You do this you can use the rest of the tomatoes for dicing or slicing or cooking with. In the summertime with homegrown tomatoes I really like to slice my tomatoes any way, or remove the skin. We have a good strip there so what we are going to do is start rolling it back up.

Making it into a nice rose shaped tomato. You can see it starts looking like a rose. We are going to put that in the middle of our deviled eggs. Position it around a little bit, you can put a couple of them in there if you’d like and there is our tomato rose.

End of Tomato Rose Garnish Video Transcript.

Carrot Garnish Video Transcript:

Now we are going to demonstrate the granny paring knife. I like to use this knife to do some garnishes. Right now I am going to show you how to make some carrot flowers. Carrot flowers are made out of course made out of carrots. It is kind of a neat little trick to do and a kind of fun little garnish to do. Also it is a great way to get your kids to eat carrots.

We are going to use the peeler, to peel our carrot. Then what we are going to do is cut up on the carrot right about to here. You want to get a little bit thicker part of the carrot to do this. Your first one will be discarded. But you are going to start and make kind of a four sided triangular deal. You are going to pop that off. That is the beginning of the carrot flower.

Then we got the base, we are going to start doing that. Very thinly, we start right up here with your thumb on  tip of the carrot, we’re going to run the granny paring slicing thin down to about a half inch to a quarter inch from your thumb. Rotate it around, same width, about quarter to a half inch from your thumb. Roll it again, same width about right to there. Finally your last cut, which comes down just like that, twist and you have a carrot flower.

Put them in ice water for about an hour before you are going to use them for garnish on your dinner plates. The ice water helps them expand out and pulled out more into a carrot, it will actually expand out. Making it really nice petals .

You just keep working all the way up your carrot. It is real good to use a thicker, larger size carrot on this if you get too thin carrots it gets real hard to work with. Ill do one more here, you get ten to twelve carrot flowers per carrot. There is carrot flowers using the granny paring knife.

End of Carrot Garnish Video Transcript

How to Make a Radish Garnish Video Transcript:

I’m using the Granny Paring knife today. I’m going to be demonstrating how to make some neat little radish florets. Start with a radish, a good size radish, we are going to cut the ends off the radish, just like that. Then were going to go in on each side, we are going to have four sides, we are going to go in about a quarter of inch and slice down to about a quarter of an inch of the radish. Right at the end of the base. We are going to come around and get a part of that part you already cut, come down about a quarter of an inch. It’s starting to fan out. Do this on all four sides of the radish, so it looks like that. These are put into ice water so the ice water helps them to expand out and you get something like this.

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End of How to Make a Radish Garnish Video Transcript