The Rada Cutlery Fundraising Sampling Pack can be used to introduce a few Rada Cutlery items to members of your group who will be selling.

Your Sampling Pack includes:

1 – item R101 Regular Paring (silver brushed aluminum handle)
1 – item W226 Tomato Slicer (black stainless steel resin handle)
1 – item Q601 Cucumber Onion Dill Dip
1 – item 3715 Cream Cheese 101 Recipes Book
1 – Rada Quick-Grip-Clip
1 – fundraising catalog, EASY guide, order form, order taker
1 – item RQM1 Quick Mix Recipes booklet

The Rada Cutlery Fundraising Sampling Pack can be ordered by calling customer service at 800-311-9691. Our customer service representatives can also answer any questions you have about how your group can benefit by fund raising with Rada Cutlery kitchen items.

Visit our website to learn more about Rada Cutlery fundraising!

Rada Cutlery Fundraising Pack
Article Name
Rada Cutlery Fundraising Pack
This article introduces the Rada Cutlery Fundraising Pack, which is perfect for introducing fundraising groups to Rada items.