There are so many different fundraising products available for churches, schools, youth groups and clubs to sell.  So why do so many fundraiser groups choose to sell Rada Cutlery year after year?

Before we explore the reasons why – below are a few comments from Rada Cutlery fundraising groups that provide us some clues:

  • Sharon from a public school in Oklahoma shared, “Our students have sold your products before with great success.  We would like to begin selling as soon as possible.  People in our community are asking that we order in time for them to purchase items for Christmas gifts.”
  • Joy from a Baptist Church in Georgia offers, “We have done fundraisers before and we have people wanting more Rada.”
  • Jeannie from Faith Chapel in Illinois says, “We have sold then knifes in the past. We have people asking for us to sell them again.”
  • Bonnie from the Church of the Brethren in Virginia notes, “We love your products. People are already asking if we (the women’s fellowship) are doing it this year!”

Our customer service agents at Rada Mfg. Co. hear these types of comments every week.  The written comments above were shared by customers requesting fundraising catalogs from our website.  We find it very rewarding to know that the supporters of our Rada Cutlery fundraising groups are asking when the next time is for them to purchase more Rada Cutlery products!

A Better Fundraiser

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We have all purchased fundraising items to support a worthy cause.  We also are all painfully aware that more often than not, the only reason we are making the purchase is our desire to help the fundraising group and the member who approached us.  So why is fundraising with Rada Cutlery the exact opposite?  Below are some possible reasons.

  1. Rada Cutlery products are unique and not readily available elsewhere.  The Rada items are also useful and needed.  And Made in the USA makes a difference because our craftsmanship and attention to quality is obvious.
  2. There are a variety of Rada Cutlery items available to choose (kitchen knives, utensils, gift set – stoneware, cookbooks, and quick mixes).  The selection allows people to add to their kitchen for years – collecting all the tools they want and need.  Plus people like to give items that they personally use as gifts.  Rada Cutlery gift sets make it easy for fundraiser supporters to purchase gifts for weddings, birthdays, housewarmings or other holidays.
  3. Supporters appreciate the remarkable value they receive when purchasing Rada Cutlery items.  Often fundraising products provide a terrible value to the supporter.  Rada Cutlery is different because the fundraising group works directly with the manufacturer.  There are no middlemen or representatives adding cost to the system to drive up prices up.

Last year Rada Mfg. Co. helped over 19,000 non-profit groups raise funds for their great causes.  We have been helping fundraisers since 1948.  We hope your club, team, school, church or youth group will consider fundraising with Rada Cutlery.

Fundraise with Rada Cutlery!

Rada Cutlery is the best way to raise the funds your nonprofit group needs! Every year, tens of thousands of groups partner with Rada to raise money for good causes. Churches, clubs, schools, sports teams, civic organizations, and more make the money they need with a Rada fundraiser.

Fundraise with Rada Cutlery!

Rada Cutlery is the best way to host a successful fundraiser! Every year, tens of thousands of groups partner with Rada to raise money for their nonprofit organization. Churches, schools, clubs, sports teams, civic organizations, and more make the money they need through a Rada fundraiser. Rada fundraisers offer high profits, great products, and unbeatable customer service!

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