Improved Simple Sorted Orders | New Online Order Minimum is Only $20!

Fundraising with Rada Cutlery just became even easier!  Now Simple Sorted Orders placed online have the same $20 minimum as regular orders!

Watch the video below to learn how the Simple Sorted Orders streamlines your duties as a fundraiser leader, ensuring a smooth and easy distribution of products to your group’s sellers so they can deliver their orders to the people who purchased from them.

What is Rada’s Simple Sorting System?

A Rada employee sorts orders.

Good question! Simple Sorting with Rada is a snap.

  • Place your fundraising order at Rada’s Sorted Orders website.
  • Rada packs your orders by salesperson, making it easy to distribute merchandise to your group’s sellers. Each box will be marked by salesperson.
  • When you receive your shipment, simply distribute the marked boxes to each seller, who will in turn deliver them to the people who purchased from them.

That’s it! No sorting required on your part, no time spent deciding who ordered what from whom. Just receive your shipment, distribute, and make money for your group! This saves money on postage, as well as time on shipping. Online Sorted Orders have no minimum purchase required, so whether your group sells $100 or $1000, your orders will be conveniently packaged and shipped. You can also enter purchases as you receive the orders, with no need to wait until the end of the fundraiser, ensuring unprecedented sales flexibility. The online entry system tracks your sales amounts and profits, ensuring accurate reports on your fundraiser’s results.

Rada’s traditional Simple Sorting system is still available through mail. Mailed orders require a minimum order of $1000 or more.

How Does this Affect My Rada Fundraising?

A box of sorted Rada Cutlery products for a fundraiser.

It makes it even easier, that’s how! Before, an order of less than $1000 did not qualify for Simple Sorting. Group leaders without Simple Sorting would be responsible for sorting products before distributing them. Now we take care of the sorting, whether your order is for $50 or $5000 – as long as your order is placed at

Simple Sorted Order Summary

So, just to recap what makes the new Simple Sorted Order system so great:

  • User-friendly and convenient online access and entry
  • Purchases are sorted by fundraiser salesperson for easy distribution of products
  • Input orders as you receive them, allowing you to keep precise track of your fundraiser’s progress
  • Eliminates your need to organize purchases, saving time and removing the need for lengthy self-sorting
  • Speedier shipping and with no cost for postage sending us the order

How Do I Get Started?

Call customer service at 1-800-311-9691 to set up your Simple Sorted Order account!

Fundraising Catalog and Leader’s Guide

Click here or click on the catalog photo below to check out our fundraising catalog!


Check out the Rada Cutlery EASY guide to learn more about why a Rada fundraiser is what’s best for your group!

Rada's fundraising EASY guide.

Rada Cutlery: The Best Fundraising Option!

A jar of salted caramel with some vanilla ice cream and a Rada Ice Cream Scoop.

Simple Sorting is just one of the many reasons why a Rada Cutlery fundraiser is your best choice for making the money your group needs. Here are five more:

1. Great Products People Want – Rada Cutlery offers cutlery, kitchen utensils, stoneware pans, cookbooks, and much more! All cutlery, utensils, and gift sets are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, so supporters can buy and use with confidence.

2. Incredible Customer Service – Fundraising groups are known to rave about the quality of Rada’s customer service. Our friendly, knowledgeable representatives are committed to helping your fundraiser be a success!

3. Huge Profits on Sales – Rada Cutlery fundraisers give your group an incredible 40% average profit on items sold! That’s far more than most fundraisers. Your group’s efforts go further with Rada!

4. Three Lucrative Ways to Sell – A Rada fundraiser offers not one but three unique sales methods, each designed to maximize your group’s profits! Catalog sales is a tried-and-true method that allows your group to offer catalogs to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Event sales feature a personal touch, taking advantage of friendly crowds and physical interaction with our stellar products. Online sales utilize the power of the Internet to allow fundraisers to make easy sales to supporters close and far. Use one, two, or all three methods to earn money for your cause!

5. American-Made Cutlery – Every Rada product is made entirely in the USA. American workers craft each item with unmatched skill, making products your group and its supporters can be proud of. Stop by our website to learn more about how our employees’ skill and dedication make Rada products the best for your fundraiser!

Rada Cutlery's Simple Sorted Orders System
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Rada Cutlery's Simple Sorted Orders System
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