Spring 2014 Fundraising Newsletter

The Spring 2014 newsletter will hit mailboxes around April 1st.  It includes an Order Form as well as updates to fundraiser leaders.  Please find below the three fund raiser panels of information (everything except the order form information and mailing panel).

Fundraising Newsletter Overview:

Panel One – Announcements
  • $500 Prize Contest Announcement
  • Price Adjustment
Panel Two – Spring Fundraiser
  • Requesting Extra Fundraising Catalogs and Order Takers
  • Introduction to Sorted Orders as well as the three Benefits
Panel Three – New Products for August Catalog
  • Quick Mixes
  • Recipe Books

Note:  The three panels below were extracted from the printed newsletter.  While they are not perfect we believe you will find them readable and helpful.

Rada Cutlery Prize Contest Announcement

Rada Cutlery Prize Contest Announcement


Order Extra Rada Catalogs for your Spring Fundraiser

Order Extra Rada Catalogs for your Spring Fundraiser


New products from Rada Cutlery in 2014


Rada Fundraising Quick Links:

  1. Overview of Rada’s Fundraiser Program:  CLICK www.radacutlery.com/fundraising <——
  2. Three Fundraising Options:  CLICK www.radacutlery.com/fundraising/selling <——
  3. Three Ordering Options:  CLICK www.radacutlery.com/fundraising/ordering <——-
  4. FAQs and Fundraising Catalog:  CLICK www.radacutlery.com/fundraising/resources <——
  5. Request Your Fundraising Packet:  CLICK www.radacutlery.com/ssl/request-catalog <—–


Each year over 18,000 non-profit groups choose to fund raise selling Rada Cutlery kitchen knives and utensils, gift sets, stoneware, cookbooks and quick mixes. 
Click a link above to learn how your church, school, team, club or youth group can start earning 40% profit selling 100% Made in the USA kitchen products!
Call 800-311-9691 to speak with a customer service representative.  They will gladly answer any questions you have about your next Fundraiser.










Rada Cutlery Spring 2014 News Letter
Article Name
Rada Cutlery Spring 2014 News Letter
This article discusses what's new with Rada Cutlery in spring 2014.

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