One of the more unique organizations that chooses Rada Cutlery as a fundraiser are Cowboy Churches. Every year we have a number of these churches request catalogs and start fundraisers with us.

What is Cowboy Church?

Cowboy Church in Mineral Wells TX by Billy Hawthorn

Cowboy churches are local Christian ministries that heavily support the Old West traditions. The actual location of the cowboy church is usually rural—sometimes in a barn with its own rodeo arena. At their services a country gospel band usually plays and baptisms take place in a stock tank.

Members of Cowboy Churches live by this purpose statement: “Our purpose is to impact the cowboy culture with the gospel of Jesus by planting cowboy churches in every county.”

Many live by the saying, “Ridin’ for Jesus.” There are around 750 Cowboy churches across the United States. Most of the churches are located in Texas and Oklahoma but the Cowboy Church Network of North America notes member churches are also in Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Georgia, Wyoming and Alberta (Canada).

During a Cowboy Church service, all of the Christian traditions that they believe have no biblical basis are removed. Instead of passing around a collection plate, offerings are put in something such as a boot, hat, or wooden birdhouse located at the rear of the building.

Why Do Cowboy Churches Fundraise?

Below is a comment that the Lost Pines Cowboy Church in Texas shared when requesting their fundraising catalogs:

“I am a member of the Lost Pines Cowboy Church in Elgin, Texas, and we are in the process of building our church. This sounds like something we could make money from to add to our building fund.”

Building costs are just one of the reasons many Cowboy Churches fundraise with Rada Cutlery kitchen items. They also have other fees involving Cowboy ministries, such as rodeo schools, clinics, and camps for members.

Rada Cutlery offers a 40% profit on everything an organization sells, while all the products are 100% Made in the USA. This is appealing to members of the Cowboy Church because of their strong Western traditions and intense patriotism. Cowboys are hard-workers and known as “straight shooters,” so being able to buy American is important to them.

Rada Cutlery Products for Fundraisers

Over 150 kitchen products are available in the 32 page catalog, including the popular Rada knives and utensils.  This selection allows everybody to find something they want and need.  The extensive selection also provides the opportunity to sell Rada Cutlery year after year so supporters can add to their collections and buy gifts.

Rada Cutlery Baking Stone Rada Cutlery Handi Stir

Rada Cutlery Regular Paring Knife  Rada Cutlery Pie Plate

If you want to learn more about fundraising opportunities with Rada Cutlery you can call 1-800-311-9691 and speak with one of our helpful customer service representatives or you can request a catalog online here. Cowboy churches are just one of the many organizations Rada Cutlery is a fundraiser for. Every year Rada Cutlery works with 19,000 different organizations.  Rada Mfg. Co. has been helping non-profit groups raise money since 1948!

Fundraise with Rada Cutlery!

For over 65 years, Rada Cutlery has been America’s favorite fundraiser! Tens of thousands of nonprofit groups partner with Rada each year in order to meet and exceed their financial goals. Featuring amazing products, unbeatable customer service, and three effective sales methods, a Rada fundraiser is any group’s ticket to a successful fundraiser!

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