What to Sell at a Flea Market | Flea Market Knife Sales

Tens of thousands of independent business owners across the country make a living by selling products at stores and events. Indoor and outdoor flea markets, fairs, festivals, farmers’ markets, storefronts, shows (craft, gun, boats, etc.), and even personal residences offer opportunities for the enterprising to turn a profit selling high-quality merchandise.

Flea Market Sales Ideas

If you currently sell at a flea market and are looking for a new product, or are thinking about starting your own flea market sales, then Rada Cutlery has just the opportunity for you! Independent resellers can get in the Rada business and offer their customers outstanding cutlery and kitchen tools. Rada knives are among the best selling flea market items, as they are both an excellent product and one people need.

The Rada Advantage:

  • Your business stays independent. No contracts or commitments are required when selling Rada Cutlery products.
  • All you need to get started is a sales tax ID number and a minimum order of $75. Order whatever products best suit your business’ needs.
  • Set your own prices to fit customer expectations.
  • Deal directly with the manufacturer, cutting out middlemen who waste time and raise your expenses.
  • Products are entirely American-made, a key selling point to customers who appreciate buying domestic items.
  • High-quality products ensure repeat business and positive word-of-mouth.

Stop by Rada’s Independent Selling website to get started with offering your customers Rada’s incredible kitchen products!

Click on the image below to take a look at Rada’s reseller catalog!

Rada’s Shop Local Site – A Reseller’s Best Friend!

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Selling Rada has its perks. Not only do you offer unbeatable products from a great company, but your business can be placed on Rada’s Shop Local website. With Shop Local, Rada fans in and near your area can locate your business as a source for their favorite Rada products. Simply contact us with your information to enroll, and your business is in!

Visit Rada’s Shop Local website to see how it can help your business thrive!

Made in the USA

Rada Factory with American Flag

Rada Cutlery is an American company that produces American products. Since 1948, Rada Cutlery has been committed to manufacturing the best knives and kitchen products around at an absolutely unbeatable value. Everything you buy from Rada is 100% made in the USA, so you can tell your customers that their purchases are supporting American industry. People love buying American products, especially those as good as Rada’s!

Watch this video to see how the care and skill of our workers makes our products so incredible!

The Best Flea Market Products!

When you sell Rada Cutlery, you do so with products that are second-to-none.  Below are some of the popular kitchen products you will want to keep in stock for your flea market customers.

Tomato Slicer

No Rada Cutlery item is as celebrated as the incredible Tomato Slicer. Your customers will absolutely love this unique dual-serrated knife allows you to get perfect slices of tomato and other foods with absolutely no squishing!

Vegetable Peeler

Vegetables are a snap to peel with this fantastic Vegetable Peeler! Designed for right and left-handed users, the steel blade and innovative design make peeling a pleasure. Order one today and get peelin’!

Pizza Cutter

The versatile Rada Pizza Cutter is perfect for cutting pizzas, bread, desserts, and more!


The Handi-Stir is a stainless steel hand mixer that’s the best you can find anywhere! Its unique design makes it great for mixing batters, eggs, sauces, and much more. This will quickly become one of the most frequently used items in any kitchen!

Regular Paring

The best-selling Regular Paring knife is ideal for any cook! The hand-sharpened blade makes it useful for use with nearly any recipe you can think of.

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