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The FFA is a national organization dedicated to agricultural education and leadership. Known for selling fruit as a fundraiser, most chapters are well-suited to perform typical tasks. However, if your chapter is just starting out or has a big project in mind like purchasing land, farming equipment, livestock, or a chapter trip (like to the FFA National Convention), your FFA may need a boost in your funds.

Why not try the perfect companion to your fruit sales–cutlery! And not just any cutlery, but America’s favorite Rada Cutlery. This fundraiser packs value, variety, and a great profit to help your FFA chapter: 40%!

A Fruit Fundraiser Companion

If your FFA chapter is selling fruit, cheese, meats, popcorn, and candy, your supporters are going to have a lot of food on their hands! For your next fundraiser, it may be a good idea to try something that relates to your first.

Rada Cutlery is a great companion to FFA fruit sales because our products fit the products you just sold perfectly. And Rada products all come with a 40% profit for each item sold!

Here are some examples:

Paring Knives

Rada Cutlery makes SIX different paring knives! The Peeling Paring, the Granny Paring, the Regular Paring (our bestseller), the Serrated Regular Paring, the Heavy Duty Paring, and the Super Parer all perfectly cut and peel fruits and vegetables and much more!

Grapefruit Knife

The unique Grapefruit Knife is the perfect companion to the grapefruit you sold while fundraising for FFA. Its angled tip and double sided serrated blade helps you easily separate individual grapefruit. This incredible knife is also great for oranges and other citrus fruits!

Cheese Knife

Help out those supporters who just purchased some cheese from your FFA fundraiser. The Rada Cheese Knife cuts and serves both hard and soft cheeses with style. Its ridge gently separates cut cheese, its cutouts reduce resistance, and its forked end is perfect for serving. Try it on refrigerated meats that need slicing, too!

Hunting & Fishing Knives


If you’re in FFA, chances are your chapter members and your supporters love hunting and fishing too! Rada’s got you covered–our outdoor knives appeal to any sportsman. Our Sportsman Knife cleans fowl and small game and our Fillet Knife’s flexible blade makes cutting around bones easy. Plus, both come with their own leather scabbard for easy access.

Much More!

Rada Cutlery makes tons of knives aside from the above. There are Steak Knives, Vegetable Peelers, Carving Forks, Slicers, Butchers, Chef Knives, Choppers, Spreaders, Spatulas, Ice Cream Scoops, Pizza Cutters, Non-Scratch Utensils, and Gift Sets. Whatever you or someone else wants, Rada has it!

What Else Should I Know About Rada?

Rada Cutlery is great for a lot of other reasons besides our amazing products. Here are just a few more reasons why you’ll love Rada and others will too.

1. Made in the USA!

From Alaska to Puerto Rico, and from Maine to Hawaii. Just like the FFA, Rada Cutlery is 100% Made in the USA–all the way from raw materials to construction by working American hands. Our knives are hand sharpened and assembled. Just like your very own hard-working farm hands, Rada knives are made by equally hard-working hands. When you fundraise with Rada, you are supporting American business and American families like your own.

2. The Easiest Fundraiser

We’re often called the “easiest fundraiser” because we offer excellent customer service, a simple system with no middle men to pay extra money to, and many selling options. We offer online fundraising, selling from inventory, and traditional catalog fundraising.

Plus, the value of Rada sells itself, as do our low prices. Our best-selling Regular Paring Knife is less than $5.00!

3. More than Cutlery

In addition to our superior cutlery, we also offer the following great products:

  • Cookbooks
  • Stoneware
  • Quick Mixes 

4. A Known Name

When you start selling Rada Cutlery, you’ll find that it is a well-known name and famous for its quality.

An FFA Alumni chapter from Kentucky said:

“Please send me the info for this fundraiser so that I can share it at our next meeting. Thank you, I love this product.”

A chapter from Kentucky also said:

“We have sold your products for years and they are everyone’s favorite. Thank you for the quality & caring you demonstrate.”

An All-American Fundraiser

Try Rada Cutlery for yourself. Visit our website to learn more about fundraising, or click here to request your free fundraiser information packet and see all that Rada offers.

Rada Mfg. Co. is located in Waverly, Iowa.  We have been helping non-profit groups fund raise since 1948.  Churches, clubs, school and youth groups earn 40% profit selling useful kitchen products and supporters receive quality products at a remarkable value.

Click here or on the catalog photo below to check out our fundraising catalog!


Check out the Rada Cutlery EASY guide to learn more about why a Rada fundraiser is what’s best for your group!

Rada's fundraising EASY guide.

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