Is your collection of kitchen utensils complete? Take a look at the following essential kitchen cooking tools and see!

Kitchen Tools & Knives Every Cook Should Have

Handi-Stir or Whisk

With a Handi-Stir, you’re able to mix up things like gravy, Jello, batters, and sauces. This is also a really important tool to have when folding flour or powdered sugar into batters. Make sure to add one to your kitchen. The Rada Handi-Stir features the perfect angle of the head so you get superior mixing.

Chef’s Knife

Serious cooks enjoy Rada's Chef Knife.

A chef’s knife is a strong knife that cuts through the tough jobs. If you’re planning to serve lots of meats and big vegetables, you should have one in your kitchen. And serious cooks like the large cutting surface for mincing and dicing. Rada Cutlery’s French Chef Knife.

Heavy-Duty Mixing Bowls

If you’re planning on making some sweets or cakes, you will need a good, quality mixer. It’s worth the investment to get one that will last a long time and endure heavy mixing.

Three-Piece Paring Knife Set

You won’t believe how often a cook uses a paring knife. And there are so many different kinds that you will use. They are needed for peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables as well as bread and meat.

Rada Cutlery is famous for our paring knives. Check out our Peeling Paring Gift Set complete with a Peeling Paring Knife, a Regular Paring Knife, and a Heavy Duty Paring Knife.

Vegetable Peeler

A vegetable peeler is a must in any kitchen! You have to serve vegetables and fruits (even if your kids aren’t into them), and a vegetable peeler makes them easy to prepare. Easily peel potatoes and shred carrots, skin onions and curl chocolate with Rada Cutlery’s Vegetable Peeler.

Spatula or Turnover

The spatula or turnover is a must for lifting hot items from hot plates or pans. Plus, you’ll want one if you’re planning to make eggs, burgers, or other items on a skillet or grill. Rada Cutlery offers various forms of this item: a Spatula, a Turnover, a Serverspoon, and a Non-Scratch Spatula.

Turnovers are ideal for flipping burgers or eggs. A spatula is ideal for slipping cookies and bars from their pans. A serverspoon is ideal for acutally serving bars and cakes. The Non-Scratch Spatula is best for flipping eggs and other foods in non-scratch pans.

Measuring Spoons or Cups

You’ll definitely want some good measuring spoons or cups if you’re planning on doing some baking. Get accurate measurements for your recipes and you’ll be smooth-sailing.

High-Heat Scraper & Plastic Bowl Scraper

High-Heat Scrapers are often confused with spatulas. They’re the white rubber utensils that are used to scrape dough from mixing bowls. These are a must if you’re making any kind of baking good.

A plastic bowl scraper is what you see above in the Daisy PanMate Scraper from Rada Cutlery. These are excellent for scraping unwanted excess from your pan, especially before washing.

Cook’s Spoon

A cook’s spoon is necessary in the kitchen to mix up veggies or browning meats on the stove. They are perfect for scraping the bottom of the pan when cooking. Look for one with holes–these make it easier to drain juices and water from your dish.

Rada offers four different kinds of Cook’s Spoons: a metal Cook’s Spoon, a metal Cook’s Spoon with Holes, a Non-Scratch Cook’s Spoon, and a Non-Scratch Cook’s Spoon with Holes.

Soup Ladle

Rada Cutlery Non-Scratch Soup Ladle

If you’re planning on making soups and stews, gravies and sauces, or hot chocolate and ciders, you’ll want a good ladle to do the job with. This Non-Scratch Soup Ladle is excellent for doing just that. Plus, it won’t scratch your non-stick pans!

Plastic Cutting Board

Plastic cutting boards are more durable and safe than wooden ones. Wooden cutting boards can harbor bad bacteria longer, which is harder to wash out. Plastic cutting boards are easier to wash and safe. Plus, they’re flexible! Just check out Rada’s Flexible Cutting Boards.

Can Opener

Unless you’re okay with wedging your cans open with a sharp knife, frustration, and making a mess, you need a can opener. Whether hand-held or electric, anything’s okay as long as you can get your vegetables out of their aluminum.

Three Tips About Your Kitchen Utensils

1.  Keep your knives sharp by storing them in a knife block.

Few people realize that how you store your knives may be making them dull. Without proper storage, your knives can end up in a drawer where they get banged around and dulled. Use a knife block to not only store your knives but keep them handy too. If you find that you have a knife with a dull blade you can easily restore the edge with the quick and easy Rada Quick Edge Knife Sharpener.

2.  Use a peeler instead of a chopping knife to get really thin slices of onion.

This also works for carrots and many other vegetables.

3.  Ever wondered how many people your pan will actually serve?

Well here’s the lowdown:

  • a 6’’ pan serves 4-6
  • an 8’’ serves 8-10
  • a 10’’ serves 20-24
  • a 7’’x11’’ serves 12-15
  • a 9’’x13’’ serves 20-24
  • an 11’’x15’’ serves 35-40
  • a 12’’x18’’ serves 50-55

How to Clean Your Cutlery

Cleaning fine cutlery is not like cleaning any other plastic utensil or dish. Fine cutlery like Rada Knives should be hand-washed, because it prevents tiny dings in your blade’s cutting edge.

Also, dishwashing detergents and the high temperatures of dishwashers are harsh on your cutlery. You may find that stainless steel blades and aluminum handles, like Rada’s, will brown and deteriorate in color if they are placed in a dishwasher.

Try using a metal cleanser and polish to restore your fine cutlery, especially aluminum handles like Rada’s.

What Cutlery is Right for Me?

For quality kitchen utensils, there’s no better option than Rada Cutlery. You can find all of the items you see here at the Rada Kitchen Store. To learn more about the uses of our cutlery, visit our YouTube channel for various product demonstration videos, recipe instruction videos, and much more.