With schools all across the country suffering budget cuts, elementary schools and preschools often need extra funding for a variety of reasons.

  1. School field trips make learning fun and allow children to get out of the classroom where they can see things first-hand.
  2. Other times, new supplies are needed for children to learn to the best of their abilities. These could include art supplies, books, workbooks, and more.
  3. Some schools also contribute to building needs and renovations through fundraising. Playground equipment, new classrooms and more could always use the extra boost that fundraising can give.
  4. Especially popular among elementary schools are fundraisers for PTA or PTO groups which contribute funding to the needs of kids in the classroom.

The Best Fundraiser for Kids

A great fundraiser for kids is Rada Cutlery. Rada Cutlery has been helping fundraisers since 1948.

Elementary schools and preschools love that we give back a 40% profit. They also love that our products are of high quality and made 100% in the USA by working American hands.

Many fundraisers only offer one product. Rada Cutlery not only offers a wide variety of knives and kitchen utensils but also stoneware, quick mixes, and cookbooks.


Easy to Sell Fundraising Products

Selling Table for elementary school fundraisers

Worried about having your elementary or preschool students be salesmen? Rada Cutlery makes it easy with three selling options:

  • Catalog Fundraising: This is the most traditional selling option. You can easily sell to customers from a full-color catalog that details and pictures each and every product.
  • Selling from Inventory: Purchase items you would like to sell and set up a table where customers can buy them. This is perfect for school functions like concerts and parent-teacher conferences. Rada also offers sales boosters to help show your fundraiser off!
  • Internet Fundraising: FREE Internet Fundraising is a fantastic and easy way to get supporters from all over. We’ll give you a username and password then simply spread them around for supporters to log on and place their orders.

We often hear from those who’ve hosted successful school fundraisers, such as Tara from Pennsylvania. She wrote us to say:

“I threw all my old knives away and now refuse to use anything but Rada!” Tara raved. “We used Rada as a fundraiser for my son’s elementary school and it was the most successful fundraiser they ever hosted. Rada products sell themselves, and everyone loves that they are made in the USA!”

PTA Fundraiser Idea

Rada makes a PTA fundraiser easy for parents and teachers to handle with our easy ordering system.

You can order Rada five different ways: phone, mail, fax, web, and simple sorting. Watch the video below to learn more about simple sorting, a unique process developed to help make it easier for the leaders of larger fundraisers:


Parents LOVE Rada!

One Pennsylvania woman that did a Rada Cutlery preschool fundraiser said:

“I just wanted to say that this is the second year our preschool has used Rada Cutlery as a fundraiser. I am so in awe of the quality and the inexpensiveness of your product. I got a set of Rada Cutlery (paring knife, meat fork, butcher knife, and carving knife) for a wedding gift 38 years ago. They still work like the day I got them and I use them a lot. I just want you to know I am thankful that you are striving to stay American made. Your product ROCKS. May God continue to bless your company & thanks!”


Another woman from Michigan said Rada Cutlery was a unique school fundraising idea:

“Love your products! Great prices and people will sure to buy to help school.”

Choose Rada as your School Fundraiser

Is your school in desperate need of funding? Wouldn’t you like to see that field trip happen, that school play put on, or that new facility built?

Find out how to start your school fundraiser with Rada today. A 40% profit is something that you cannot pass up, and you’ll only find this kind of quality and profit with Rada Cutlery.

We would love to help your elementary fundraiser, preschool fundraiser, or PTA fundraiser out. Visit our website to find out more about us or request a free catalog package that will tell you everything you need to know about fundraising with Rada.