The “incredible edible egg” lives up to its name–it’s a great source of protein and nutrition and can be made into so many different delicious dishes!

If you’ve been cooking for a while, you probably know all about making eggs, but if you’re new, we’ll show you how to fry an egg and how to make an omelet of your own. And even for all the professional chefs, we’ve got tips about hard-boiled eggs we bet you never knew. Plus, we’ll share an egg recipe that you’ll love!

How to Fry an Egg – Over Easy

Do you know how to fry an egg? If not, you’ve come to the right place! It’s easy–we’ll show you how.

1. Turn your stove on and place your skillet pan on the stove.

2. Crack that egg!

3. Your egg should look like this. Toss some pepper on top for seasoning.

4. Flip it over. It should now look like this.

5. Flip again to make sure it’s done.

6. Use your non- scratch spatula to toss on to a plate and you’re done!

How to Make an Omelet

Now that you’ve learned how to fry an egg, ready for something a little more challenging? Try making an omelet!

1. Grease up your frying pan with some butter or cooking spray.

2. Set your stove to medium heat. When the butter is melted, move your pan around so it’s evenly distributed.

3. Crack your eggs in a separate bowl and whip them together. Then dump your whisked eggs into the pan so it lays flat.

4. Chop up your ingredients. You can put anything you want on your omelet–you aren’t limited to the ingredients included above.

5. Make sure your omelet is cooking by moving it around the pan carefully. Adjust the heat if needed. Top your omelet with the ingredients.

6. Gently fold the omelet over. Pack down gently with your spatula.

7. Transfer your omelet to a plate and serve immediately.

Three Tips for Making Hard-Boiled Eggs

If you’d like to make the best hard-boiled eggs possible, try these easy tips.

1. Don’t like that gray ring around your hard-boiled eggs? Try this tip: just be sure to watch your eggs and don’t overcook them. The gray ring around the yolk is iron in the yolk reacting to the hydrogen sulfide from the white. This only happens when they’re overcooked.

2. Make your egg shells easier to peel off: Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to the water.

3. Make hard-cooked eggs in the oven! Here’s how: heat your oven to 350 degrees. Then place a wire rack onto a rimmed baking sheet. Place eggs on the wire rack and stick it in the oven. Bake your eggs for 30 minutes. Remove from oven and allow them to cool for easy peeling.

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Watch the Videos

Check out how to fry an egg and how to make an omelet step by step in Kristy Kay’s videos.


Start Video Transcript:

Hi, Kristy in the Rada test kitchen and today I would like to demonstrate how to fry and egg. First thing you need is a sauce pan or skillet and about a tablespoon of butter and you’re going to turn your burner to about medium. Let that butter melt. This is our new non-scratch spatula, we just introduced this and it’s good for pans that have a Teflon coating, it won’t scratch that off.

Then your butter is melted we’re going to crack the egg. Gently put in the pan. You can see the whites are starting to cook already. Now, right after that, I like to put on a little bit of salt and pepper for seasoning. So very soon this should start cooking a little bit harder.

So I usually watch for the whites to go from clear to white. Sometimes I pick it up and I look underneath. I think that’s looking pretty good. Now comes the trick to flip it without breaking the yolk. You just gently flip it like that.

Now this is “over easy”, it depends on how runny you like the yolks. Some people take it off right away, I cook it this way another minute to make sure all the whites get cooked and just a little bit of the yolk.

So when the clear part of the whites of the egg start turning white. So now I’ve had it flipped over on it’s yolk for about a minute depending on how runny you like the yolks and you can keep checking it.

Have your plate ready, so I’m going to say it’s done for me and I’m going to just flip on the plate. And there you have a perfect “over easy” fried egg.

End of Video Transcript


Start Video Transcript:

Hi, Kristy in the Rada test kitchen and today we’re making an omelet.

The first thing you need is to put butter in a skillet or a pan, maybe about a tablespoon and put it on about medium heat and let that melt. Meanwhile you’re going to crack two eggs in a bowl and with my Rada Handi-stir I’m going to just whip those up.

Now once the butter melts you want to make sure it gets around the whole bottom, I’m going to need just a little bit more. And you don’t have to worry about scratching your teflon pan because we have introduced a non-scratch spatula.

Alright I am going to make sure this gets covered and then I’m going to pour the eggs in. Now while that’s cooking, I’m going to chop up my ingrediants with the utility knife. I’m going to put green onions, you can put about any vegetable or meat that you like in your omelet, I’m going to use green onions, green pepper, a few slices of mushroom.

This knife, you don’t have to switch knives, this knife works great on all things. And now some ham. Alright so now my eggs are kind of set on the bottom and I am just going to move the pan around so this runny part gets cooked too. Turn the heat down a little bit. I am cooking this on medium heat.

Oh, I am going to put some salt and pepper on there before I add the ingredients. Alright so now I am going to check how it looks underneath. Make sure all this is good and cooked.

And now I am going to put in my ingredients. A little onion, peppers, some mushrooms in there, ham. You could even put jalapenos in there too if you want an omelet with a kick. And for my last ingredient I am going to put some shredded cheddar cheese. So now you’ll want to gently fold that over.

Alright the omelet is done and I am going to put it on a plate. The cheese is melted and now you have a perfect omelet.

End of Video Transcript