Fundraising is now easier than ever with Rada Cutlery’s new Internet Fundraising website!

This exciting new site takes the hassle out of fundraising. You won’t believe how easy it is to earn the money your nonprofit group needs to thrive!

First, sign up your nonprofit your group for Rada’s Internet Fundraising. Tens of thousands of groups each year, including churches, civic organizations, schools, sports teams, and youth groups fundraise with Rada, and yours can, too!

Start Your Internet Fundraiser

Next, tell everyone you know about the fundraiser. Make phone calls, post on Facebook, send out emails, Tweet, Pin, use any platform you can to raise awareness. Don’t be afraid to ask others to help spread the word, as people love a good cause!

Last but not least, direct them to the Rada Internet Fundraising website. You will be supplied with a link to give your supporters so their purchases automatically go towards your fundraiser. Otherwise, all they have to do is click “Select Your Fundraising Group” at the top left of the page.

Select Your Fundraising Group

They’ll then select your group and proceed to make their purchases.

And wouldn’t you know, that’s all there is to it! Your supporters buy the products and you collect an outstanding 40% profit on each sale. You don’t worry about tracking orders or shipping, as the Rada website will take care of that. Just get the word out and watch the profits roll in!

So let’s review:

The Three EASY Steps for a Rada Internet Fundraiser

  1. Create your group’s account by completing the signup form. This will include providing an active PayPal email account. If you don’t have a PayPal account click here to sign up!
  2. Share your group’s ordering link with your friends, family, and community using social media.
  3. Earn an average of 40% profit from the resulting orders, paid via PayPal. Profit varies per item; same as the profit percentage from the fundraising catalog.

Promoting Your Internet Fundraiser

After your Internet Fundraising account is approved by Customer Service, you will be ready to start promoting your Internet Fundraising link.

The top two ways to get the word out to friends, family and community are to share your group’s link on Facebook or in emails.

Here are resources that you can use right now:

Facebook Posting & Email Content

Images for sharing on Facebook:

Our Fundraiser is Selling Rada Cutlery!

Our Fundraiser is Selling Rada Cutlery!

Our Fundraiser is Selling Rada Cutlery!

Our Fundraiser is Selling Rada Cutlery!

Our Fundraiser is Selling Rada Cutlery!

Our Fundraiser is Selling Rada Cutlery!

Video for Sharing on Facebook


For Download: Download Rada_Cutlery_Video.mp4

Sample video text to modify & personalize:

This is a piece of sample text that you can use to promote your fundraiser. Simply personalize your message by replacing the bracketed text with your information.

“Help our [your group’s name] group raise money for [purpose and use of the funds]. Just click this link [insert your group’s Refersion link] and our group will receive 40% profit from your order.”

Sample email to modify & personalize:

Use this sample text to promote your fundraiser by email.


This is [your name] and I belong to [your group’s name]. We are doing a fundraising selling Rada Cutlery’s 100% USA Made kitchen products to raise money for [purpose and use of the funds].

Please click on this link [insert your group’s Refersion link] to start shopping. By using this link our group will will receive 40% profit from your order.

[your name]

Social Media Tips

New to promoting a cause on social media? No sweat! We’ve put together a handy guide designed to maximize your fundraiser’s potential.

Check out the social media guide and apply its tips to your own fundraiser!

The Best Fundraisers are Rada Fundraisers!

A Rada Stubby Butcher cuts ribs.

Rada Cutlery is a company built on and around fundraising. Founded in 1948, Rada has been helping nonprofit groups meet and exceed their goals for 70 years. Nonprofits such as churches, schools, youth groups, civic organizations, sports teams, and so many more partner with Rada to meet their fundraising needs.

Here are just a few reasons why Rada Cutlery is your group’s best choice for a fundraiser:

1. High Profits on All Sales – Rada offers an astounding 40% profit on each and every sale. This towers over most other fundraisers, most of which offer profits in the 10% range. Your time is valuable, and fundraising with Rada ensures that your group makes more money in less time than ever before.

2. Unbeatable Customer Service – Rada customer service is second to none. A staff of friendly, helpful professionals are on hand to answer your every question. You can count on Rada representatives to always go the extra mile to ensure that your fundraiser is a resounding success.

3. Stellar Items People Actually Want – Rada’s diverse catalog has something for everyone, and a lot for most! Knives, kitchen utensils, dry food mixes, gift sets, and more ensure that every supporter will find something they want. We hear daily from groups that say their supporters ask them to hold more fundraisers just so they will get the chance to buy more Rada!

4. Sell American-Made Products – Groups that fundraise with Rada can proudly offer American-made products. People love knowing they are supporting American industry, and the amazing value and superior quality of Rada Cutlery products sweetens the deal.

Check out the video below to get a look at what makes Rada fundraisers the best way for your group to raise money:

Products Made in the USA!

Everything Rada Cutlery offers, from knives to utensils to stoneware, is made in the United States of America. From our headquarters in Waverly, Iowa, Rada’s products are made by workers committed to producing the best kitchen products on the market. Whether you’re hosting a fundraiser, using them in your kitchen, or offering them to customers at your own business, Rada products are the best choice!

Watch this video to learn more about what makes Rada’s American-made products so remarkable!

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