We hear lots of great things from Rada Cutlery fundraisers: the amazing quality, the great durability, the fact that it’s 100% Made in the USA, the 40% profit that helps so many groups, our quick mixes taste great, the amazing value and so on.

All of these things and more make Rada Cutlery the easiest fundraising idea there is.

How Rada Makes Fundraising Easy

Easy fundraisers may sound like an oxymoron, but Rada Cutlery makes it possible! We offer the best customer care, variety of products, easy system, and the most options of any fundraiser.

Plus, your group will have no trouble raising funds, because Rada Cutlery offers a 40% profit! Keep reading to find out why else you will want to choose Rada for your next fundraising project:

Helping Fundraiser Groups Since 1948

Let your supporters know that…

  1. Rada Cutlery has been sold by fundraisers since 1948 – each year approximately 19,000 groups choose Rada for their fundraising product.
  2. Rada Cutlery is 100% Made in the USA – both raw materials and construction, all by working American hands.
  3. Rada Cutlery comes with a Lifetime Guarantee – Rada Mfg. Co. will replace any product manufactured by our company that is returned to us due to defects in material or workmanship.
  4. Rada Cutlery knives are sealed to ensure safety – All of our knives are delivered in sleeves to protect the seller and supporter.
  5. Rada Cutlery is widely known – The Rada Cutlery brand is known far and wide with over 135 million sold! As you begin your fundraiser, you will find that many of your supporters already know that Rada is number one when it comes to quality cutlery and kitchen utensils.

Easy Fundraiser - Rada Cutlery Pizza Cutter

Variety of Fantastic Products

Don’t bore your supporters with more wrapping paper, magazines, cookie dough or other things they don’t need. Offer them something they will love for a lifetime, something useful everyone can enjoy – Rada Cutlery! Check out some of the incredible products Rada offers, products that sell themselves:

  • Kitchen Knives and Utensils:
    – Paring Knives
    – Tomato Slicer
    – Chef’s Dicer
    – Ham Slicer
    – Carver/Boner
    – Steak Knives
    – Cheese Knife
    – Unique Knives: Bread Knife, Grapefruit Knife, Bagel Knife, and more
    – Spatulas
    – Ice Cream Scoop & Pizza Cutter
    – Sportsman Knife and Fillet Knife
    – Non-scratch Cooking Utensils
    – and MUCH MORE!
  • Cutlery Gift Sets – the perfect gifts for weddings, showers, housewarmings or birthdays
  • Cookbooks – Over forty titles to choose
  • Stoneware – Baking Stone, Cookie Sheet and four other bakeware options
  • Quick Mixes
    Soups, Sauces, Dips, Cheeseballs
    – Pound Cakes and No-Bake Cheesecakes

Variety is the spice of life, and having so much variety allows you to sell more easily! If your supporters aren’t interested in cutlery, they can choose from stoneware, quick mixes, or cookbooks.

Fundraising Offering - Rada Cutlery Party Spreader

Easy Fundraising System

There is not one reason that so many non-profit groups turn to Rada, but one of the best is that we make the fundraising hassle-free. Here’s how:

  • No Money Upfront – You don’t need to pay any money up front to fund raise with Rada!
  • ONE Catalog & ONE Order Taker – We don’t send a lot of materials for you to juggle like some fundraisers. With Rada, each seller only needs one catalog and one order form (of course, more order takers are available if needed).
  • Easy to Sort – When you receive your Rada Cutlery items, they are all labeled with their item number, making them easy to sort.
  • No Time Limit – With Rada, YOU set your own time limit! Take as long as you’d like to put on your fundraiser, whether it’s a a week or several months! It’s completely up to you.
  • Small Minimum Order Rada Cutlery only asks for a minimum order of $20. That makes it easy to place follow-up orders.
  • Factory Direct Prices – You work directly with Rada Mfg. Co. employees at our factory in Waverly, Iowa.  There are no middlemen driving up the cost so your supporters receive an amazing value.
  • You Get Your Profit RIGHT AWAY – There’s no waiting for a profit check with Rada. You only send us the wholesale cost so you have your 40% profit as each order is placed.

Fundraising Cookbook - Campfire Cooking

Three Selling Options

We want you to gain as much support as you possibly can. Rada Cutlery makes this easy with our three selling options. Use one or all three!

  1. Catalog Fundraising – Traditional catalog fundraising is used by most groups.  The colorful catalog features all of the Rada Cutlery products and makes it easy for family, neighbors and friends to purchase.
  2. From Inventory – Sell from an inventory of Rada Cutlery products at a booth or table. This is perfect if you’re looking to attract attention at church, school functions, community events, or fairs. Allow your supporters to actually feel and see the quality of Rada. Invite them to try the knives and utensils, and different quick mixes. You’ll have them hooked!
  3. Online Fundraising – Reach supporters nationwide! Rada Cutlery gives your fundraising group a unique login information. Simply ask your sellers to send this login on to friends and family. This option allows out of town family and friends to support your fundraising cause!

This is the Easiest Fundraiser We’ve Ever Done

Rada Cutlery Fundraising - Chef's Dicer

Our loyal repeat customers can attest to the fact that Rada Cutlery is simply the easiest fundraiser out there.

A fundraiser for World Outreach from Mississippi said:

“This is the easiest fundraiser that we have ever done. We have past customers asking that we sell again. Thanks.”

A Pennsylvania church said:

“We have used Rada as a fundraiser in the past and it was easy to sell, people love the knives. “

A women’s circle from Alabama said:

“We had a very successful fundraiser a couple of years ago using your products, they’re easy to sell, good, quality products!”

 A booster club from a school in Oklahoma knew how easy it would be for kids to sell Rada:

“I have purchased Rada from others, and I know it will be easy for school age children to sell.”

USA Made Rectangular Baker - Rada Cutlery Fundraising

We know that you will find Rada Cutlery as easy as so many other fundraisers have. We’ll be pleased to make fundraising a breeze for your group, school, club, or church too.

Take a look at our fundraising catalog to learn more!


Check out the Rada Cutlery EASY guide to learn more about why a Rada fundraiser is the best option for your group!

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