Looking for an easy way to raise money for your group? Rada Cutlery offers a fundraiser so great that you’ll find making money for your group a snap! Then look no further, because you’ve found it in the form of Rada Cutlery’s American Made kitchen products (kitchen knives, cooking utensils, cutlery gift sets, cookbooks, stoneware, gadgets and quick mixes).

Over 19,000 nonprofit organizations fundraise with Rada each year, including schools, churches, sports teams, youth groups, and civic organizations.  Rada has been partnering with nonprofit groups since 1948, ensuring that the entire company has been designed to provide superior products and service to fundraising leaders!

Watch this video to learn more about Rada Cutlery’s easy fundraiser!

Easy Fundraising with Rada Cutlery

Fundraise Successfully with Rada Cutlery!

Rada Cutlery has been the partner of choice for countless nonprofit groups since 1948. By partnering with Rada Cutlery, your fundraiser has a number of advantages that will ensure success!

Here are five reasons why Rada Cutlery is the best choice for all kinds of fundraising:

1. Amazing Products People Want – Rada Cutlery offers cutlery, kitchen utensils, baking pans, cookbooks, and much more! All cutlery, utensils, and gift sets are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee, so supporters can buy and use with confidence.

2. Enormous Profits on All Sales – Rada Cutlery fundraisers give your group an incredible 40% average profit on items sold! That’s far more than most fundraisers. Your group’s efforts go further with Rada!

3. The Best Customer Service – Fundraising groups are known to rave about the quality of Rada’s customer service. Our friendly, knowledgeable representatives are committed to helping each fundraiser be a success!

4. Three Profitable Ways to Sell – A Rada fundraiser offers not one but three unique sales methods, each designed to maximize your group’s profits! Catalog sales is a tried-and-true method that allows your group to offer catalogs to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Event sales allow groups to connect with supporters, taking advantage of friendly crowds and physical interaction with our stellar products. Online sales utilize the power of the Internet to allow fundraisers to make easy sales to supporters close and far. Use one, two, or all three methods to earn money for your cause!

5. USA-Made Cutlery – Every Rada product is made entirely in the USA, from materials to manufacture. American workers craft each item with superior skill, making products your group and its supporters can be proud of. Stop by our website to learn more about how our employees’ skill and dedication make Rada products the best for your fundraiser!

Check out Rada’s fundraising catalog to learn more about Rada products and fundraisers!

Check out the Rada Cutlery EASY Leader’s Guide to learn more about why a Rada fundraiser is what’s best for your group!

Products Made in the USA!

Rada Factory with American Flag

All Rada Cutlery products are made in the USA! Each item offered is manufactured by American workers committed to producing the best products available. When you fundraise with Rada, you’re not just helping out your cause, but American industry, as well!

Learn more about what makes Rada’s American-made products the best around!

Easy Fundraising Video Transcript

Start Video Transcript

Fundraising can be a stressful task. It doesn’t have to be if you have the right products and support system. Hi, I’m Karina, here to introduce you to Rada Manufacturing’s EASY fundraising system. At Rada, we’ve been helping fundraising groups since 1948. Last year, over 18,000 groups fundraised with Rada, collectively earning over $6.5 million dollars and each earning a 40% profit on each product sold.

So why Rada? All Rada Cutlery products are 100% made in the USA and have a Lifetime Guarantee, meaning your supporters can buy with confidence. Rada Cutlery also has a wide variety of products to choose from. Our product catalog consists of gift sets, stoneware, cookbooks, quick mixes, and more.

And the best part? Everything is affordable. Our best-selling paring knife and tomato slicer sell in the $5 range. You will love everything about fundraising with Rada Cutlery. The amazing products, the remarkable value, the 40% profit, and, of course, the EASY fundraising system, where 99% of all orders ship within two working days.

We invite you to learn more about Rada Cutlery fundraising opportunities at our website, or if you’ll give us a call at 1-800-311-9691 to request your free fundraising information packet. So the next time you’re looking for the perfect fundraiser, remember to go with the experts at Rada!

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