Easter Egg Decorating Ideas | Marble Eggs

This Easter, instead of the usual solid colored Easter eggs try something new. In the Rada Cutlery test kitchen we decorated eggs that have a marble look to them. After some trial and error we came up with an easy to follow set of instructions that will make this project fun for the whole family. This Easter egg decorating idea is very simple to do and will make a great decoration for your home.

Marble Easter Eggs

Supplies: Hard boiled eggs, egg dye or food coloring, measuring spoons, white vinegar, cups or bowls, cooking oil, spoon, fork, paper napkins or towels

1. Mix together water, vinegar and egg coloring of your choice

Lowering egg with Handi-Stir

2. Place an egg in the cup of coloring (Tip: the Rada Cutlery Handi-Stir is perfect for dying eggs.)

3. Allow to sit in the food coloring until the desired color is reached. A lighter color works best for this step.

4. In a shallower bowl prepare a second color using the same method as step. You only need about an inch of water in this bowl and a darker color works better for this step.

Adding cooking oil

5. Add a tablespoon of oil and swirl with a fork or Handi-Stir

Swirl egg in oil mixture

6. Take the same egg from step 2 and carefully swirl in the mixture with oil. Try not to let the egg touch the bottom of the bowl because it will ruin the swirl patterns on the egg.

7. Pat the egg dry with a paper towel or napkin gently. The eggs will be a little slippery because of the oil.

8. Allow eggs to air dry

Try this Easter egg decorating idea this Easter and let us at Rada Cutlery know what you think.

 Easter is a great time of the year to remember some of the non-profits who strive to make a positive difference. Easter Seals is an organization dedicated to providing services to people living with disabilities.



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