Everyone is aware of the Boy Scouts of America, the United States’ premier scouting organization. Of the millions of Boy Scouts, fewer than ten percent will reach the rank of Eagle Scout, the organization’s highest honor. Becoming an Eagle Scout signifies that the rank holder is among the group’s most dedicated and virtuous members.

About Eagle Scouts

Becoming an Eagle Scout is not for everyone. It requires not just skill, but creativity, generosity, patience, and perseverance. Those who become Eagle Scouts must exemplify the benefits of scouting, demonstrating applied knowledge, good citizenship, kindness, and leadership.

Check out the National Eagle Scout Association website for more information Eagle Scouts!

How Does One Become an Eagle Scout?

There are several requirements for becoming an Eagle Scout. A minimum of 21 badges must be earned that signify achievement and expertise in a wide range of disciplines. The Scout must have held the rank of Life Scout, the second-highest position, for at least six months. Perhaps most importantly, he must complete a service project, an ambitious endeavor that provides the area with deep, tangible benefits.

What is the Service Project?

The Eagle Scout Service Project, often referred to as the Eagle Scout Project, is the pinnacle step in the Life Scout’s progression to Eagle Scout. The scout must propose, plan, and complete a project designed specifically to improve the community, a school, or religious institution. While the exact requirements may vary from group to group, the project must be ambitious, allowing the scout to demonstrate leadership in the process.

What Can a Service Project Be?

The options are practically endless! As long as it requires a serious commitment on the scout’s part and will make obvious the positive presence of Boy Scouts in the community, it will probably fit the bill. Scouts could find themselves planting a network of trees, organizing a large charitable effort, constructing and deploying useful fixtures, and much more.

One thing Eagle Scout Projects have in common is that they often entail considerable financial expense. Making a positive impact on the world often can’t be done with deeds alone, but with the funds necessary to fuel the engine of improvement. While this aspect could be daunting for a would-be Eagle Scout, with the help of Rada Cutlery, it needn’t be.

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What is Rada Cutlery?

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How Can Rada Help an Eagle Scout Project?

Those scouts who choose to fund their service project with Rada have an array of advantages. Here are just a few of the ways that fundraising with Rada Cutlery is a scout’s surest way to meeting and even exceeding his project’s financial goals.

1. The 40% Profit – Most companies with fundraising options offer minuscule profits to their sellers. Rada, on the other hand, gives sellers an astounding 40% profit on each and every product sold, ensuring that one’s efforts pay off in spades.

2. Three Ways to Sell – Fundraising with Rada means you have not one, but three distinct sales methods to choose from. A scout can offer physical catalogs to family, friends, neighbors, and schoolmates for sales getting the word out about the fundraiser and discussing his goals. They can fundraise at an event such as a bake sale or crafts show, allowing attendees to browse and examine Rada’s amazing products. There’s also online fundraising, which is great for tech savvy scouts and for selling to those who live far away. A scout can utilize, one, two, or all three of these methods to get the project where it needs to be!

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How Do I Start a Rada Fundraiser?

An Eagle Scout’s service project might not be easy, but starting a Rada fundraiser is!

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Eagle Scout Project Ideas

With so much to do in the world, simply selecting an Eagle Scout Project to pursue can be a challenge. Here are few suggestions for projects that could boost a Life Scout to an Eagle Scout!

1. Blood Drive – Host a blood drive to benefit a local hospital or clinic. Set goals based on the results of a similar blood drive and aim to increase donations by 25 to 50 percent!

2. Campground Restoration – Find a campground that could use some touching up and maximize its potential. You can clean litter, restore benches and signs, add a fun fixture such as a shuffleboard, or anything

3. Fire Safety Awareness – Pick out an area of your community and go door to door, asking residents about their smoke detectors. Offer to test their smoke detectors and get them working if the existing ones aren’t functional or install a unit if they need one.

4. Food Drive – Host a food drive to benefit those in need. Try doing so at a popular event such as a ballgame, and don’t feel obligated to limit the food drive to only one day.

5. Movie Night – Organize for a family-friendly, popular movie to be shown on a big screen at a location such as a church or library. Sell tickets and concessions such as popcorn and soda, and give all of the proceeds to a charitable organization or good cause.

6. Packages for Troops – Collect items needed by troops overseas that can’t be acquired at a base and mail them care packages with these items.

7. Paint an Old Building – Find an appropriate building that could use a new coat of paint, such as an old school gymnasium or park station, and give it a new coat.

8. Retirement Home Improvement – Go to a local retirement or nursing home and find a way to improve the lives of its residents. Plant trees, make wheelchair accessible flowerbeds, create a reading room, or anything else certain to regularly brighten the residents’ days.

9. Video Documentary – Media-savvy scouts can make a documentary about their area, perhaps about the community itself or a point or person of interest. Arrange a screening at a church or library and sell concessions with the profits going to benefit a cause discussed in the movie.

10. Veterans Headstones – Identify and clean the headstones of veterans. If any headstones are damaged, work with the local Veterans Affairs to repair them.

Check out this great website for hundreds more Eagle Scout Project ideas!

Fundraising for Boy Scouts!

From Cub Scouts to Eagle Scouts, there are many occasions where a member of the Boy Scouts of America could use a good fundraiser.

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