Online ordering has revolutionized the way business is done across the world. Where people once were limited to physical retail shopping or catalogs to browse and select products, the internet has extended the consumer’s reach to all corners of the globe.

Of course, even as online shopping offers convenience and variety, it can be difficult to get a complete read on a product that you’re just looking at through digital imagery instead of in person.

With Rada Cutlery’s online size comparison chart, that has changed. The chart features our entire line of cutlery and utensils, with measurements that let you know exactly how long each piece is. Kitchen knife comparison has never been easier!

Links handily allow you to read more on each item’s webpage, but that’s not even the best part. The page features images of each item that the user can move around with the click of a mouse, enabling you to effectively compare all of the cutlery and utensils. This innovative system allows you to examine what pieces would work best for you.

Here are a few examples of how the size comparison chart could be useful:

  • A cook with smaller hands decides she wants a paring knife that’s small, but large enough to easily cut potatoes. After comparing the Granny Paring, the Regular Paring, and the Heavy Duty Paring, she chooses the Regular Paring, feeling it strikes the perfect balance between size and functionality.
  • A customer is reviewing different Rada gift sets as a special present for their spouse. She is able to arrange all of any particular set’s items together for a clear look at the size of everything, as well as easily being able to visit each item’s webpage to read the product description, eventually deciding on the diverse Starter Gift Set.
  • A steak aficionado is looking for a new set of steak knives. He compares the Rada Serrated Steak with the Utility/Steak, concluding that he would prefer the one with serrated blade and slightly shorter blade.
  • A devoted home cook wants a big knife to chop large quantities of vegetables. After comparing the Tomato Slicer, Cook’s Knife, and the French Chef, the home cook decides on the French Chef, being impressed with its large size.

Check out the Rada Knife Size Comparison Chart and see how useful it is!

Hollow-Ground Blades for Superior Quality

A Rada knife being skillfully crafted by a hardworking Rada employee.

Unlike most kitchen knives, Rada’s knife blade are hollow ground. Hollow grinding is a labor-intensive method of manufacture that pays off as the blades are made easier to sharpen. The hollow grinding also ensures that the cutlery is equally useful and functional for both left and right-handed cooks, as the blades don’t want to wander or cut either in or out.

Each knife blade is constructed from surgical-quality steel and is hand-sharpened for a razor edge. And if your Rada knives eventually could use a sharpening, the hollow-ground production will ensure that it’s an easy task. All Rada knives and utensils come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Check out this page that shows you how the care and skill of Rada’s workers makes our products so remarkable!

Handle Choice: Silver Aluminum or Black Stainless Steel Resin?


Rada Cutlery’s knives and kitchen utensils each come in two different varieties. First, there’s our standard silver aluminum handles for which our cutlery is most commonly recognized. Then there’s the black stainless steel resin handles, which have a handle with a different look and feel but come with identical high quality and incredible durability.

Which style of Rada product you prefer is purely a matter of personal taste. The black handles are dishwasher safe, though we recommend hand-washing and prompt drying as the ideal way to clean the aluminum-handled cutlery and utensils.

Whatever you decide, both kinds of knives and utensils are made to Rada Cutlery’s stratospheric standards of quality, and all come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Serrated or Straight-Edge Knives: The Choice is Yours!

A Rada serrated knife cuts an incredible ice cream brownie cake.

Many of Rada’s knives, such as the Serrated Paring or Serrated Steak, feature a serrated blade. This means that they have tiny grooves that aid in saw-like cutting. Our wildly popular Tomato Slicer is serrated, while other items such as the Party Spreader feature serrations for cutting softer foods such as bread. Our serrated knives never need sharpening and are great for right and left-handed cooks!

American-Made Products!

Rada Factory with American Flag

Unlike other companies, Rada Cutlery doesn’t just pay lip service to American industry. We’re based out of Waverly, Iowa, in the heart of the Midwest, and everything we’ve sold since our founding in 1948 has been completely made in the USA. Every Rada Cutlery product is made entirely in the USA, and always will be.

Our products combine the unmatched skill of American workers with jaw-droppingly good prices made possible by cutting out the middlemen. Whether you’re buying, selling, or using Rada products, you can do so with the knowledge that they’re American made. We’re so proud of our cutlery and utensils that each and everyone one comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, so when you get Rada, it’s for life.

Watch this factory tour video to learn more about what makes our American-made products so remarkable!

Fundraise with Rada Cutlery!

image of the Rada Cutlery logo

Rada Cutlery is the fundraising partner of choice for tens of thousands of nonprofit groups each year, and with good reason. Since 1948, Rada has made its extensive catalog of amazing cutlery and kitchen utensils available to groups raising funds for worthy causes.

Fundraising sales earn an astounding 40% average profit for the group, while Rada’s stellar customer service ensures that the fundraising process is made as smooth as possible. Three different sales methods, including catalog, event, and online, ensure that your group can reach its maximum fundraising potential. Churches, schools, sports teams, civic organizations, charities, and more get exactly where they need to be by partnering with Rada!

Visit our website to see about starting your group’s successful Rada Cutlery fundraiser!

Keep Your Knives in Cutting Trim!

Rada Quick Edge Knife Sharpener

The Rada Quick Edge Knife Sharpener is your ticket to cutlery that is razor sharp at all times! This simple yet effective tool allows you to easily sharpen knives simply by running the blade in-between the device’s steel wheels. It requires no electricity to operate and is small enough that many, such as hunters and fishermen, keep one in their vehicle. With this you’ll be able to keep your all of your cutlery sharp indefinitely!

Visit our online Rada Kitchen Store to have one or more Rada Quick Edge Knife Sharpeners delivered to your home!