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Make Your Own Wedding or Graduation Mints | Rada Cutlery

A plate of delicious wedding mints.

It’s that time of year again! Time for spring showers and wedding flowers and graduation parties.

Are you planning a graduation, a shower, or a spring party of your own? Or do you have a wedding that you’re planning for? If so, mints are a classic staple.

Impress your friends and family with homemade tasty treats instead of opting for store-bought sugary mints. With this recipe, you can make your very own cream cheese mints in your own home!

Recipe for Homemade Cream Cheese Mints

Ingredients you will need:

Kristy prepares to make mints.

  • 8 oz. package cream cheese
  • 2 lb. package powdered sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. flavoring (mint)
  • food coloring

Kristy operates a mixer.

1. Mix cream cheese until it is soft in mixer.

Kristy prepares homemade wedding mints.

2. Add mint flavoring when cream cheese is soft. Then add coloring. Start with a little then wait and see how the color turns out. You may need to add more depending on your preference. Mix.

3. Gradually begin adding powdered sugar. Be careful–this step can get messy! You may have to knead the remaining powdered sugar in later when you remove the dough.

4. When powdered sugar is mixed in, or mostly mixed in, remove the dough. Place on cutting board.

5. Use a food mold. You can buy these at most craft or cooking stores. Take small chunks of the dough and press into the mold. Remove mint from the mold and place on plate.

Kristy shapes mints.

6. Keep plate refrigerated until needed.

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Watch the Mints Instruction Video

Kristy from Rada takes you step by step in this simple video about how to make cream cheese mints.


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Cream Cheese Mints Collage  

Video Summary:

Easy recipe and instructions to make mints for graduations, weddings, holidays and other special occasions.

The basic ingredients include cream cheese, powdered sugar, flavoring and food coloring.

You mix the ingredients using a hand held mixer or even kneed them together by hand.  However, counter top mixer will make the job much easier!

After you mix the ingredients, you will make the mints – either using shaped rubber molds or the basic thumbprint method.

This recipe was found in the 101 Cream Cheese Recipes book from Rada Cutlery.  The book can be purchased locally from fundraising groups and independents sellers or at in the Cookbooks section.

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    • The number of mints made can depend on the molds used, but we got approximately 200 out of the one you see in the video. We hope you enjoy them!

    • Lorella,

      They can be made in advance, and they can be frozen up to six months. I hope you enjoy them!