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Cooks Say Rada Knives are the Best Cutlery Brand

Rada Paring Knives alongside apples.

What do you consider when selecting a kitchen knife brand for your kitchen? Do you look at the price, the brand name and reputation?

Who says you have to buy fancy, expensive knives for amazing quality? Rada Cutlery, a name recognized by cooks for its quality and durability, is 100% American Made in Waverly, Iowa and has a Lifetime Guarantee.  All of those factors likely contribute to the many positive cutlery reviews stating Rada kitchen knives as their favorite.

Rada Mfg. Co. Waverly, Iowa - office entrance

Mentioning Other Brands & Choosing Rada

Rada Cutlery was featured in a post on a number of years ago. Here’s what the author had to say:

“I’m still on my quest for the best of everything, and in that quest, some years ago I discovered the American-made miracle that is Rada Cutlery. Many people swear by Henckels or other extremely expensive European cutlery and I’ve owned a variety of knives from those sources as well as lesser knives, even the Ginsu. None of these knives have equaled the quality of inexpensive, American-made Rada knives.”

Rada's Vegetable Peeler is a top seller!

On, a customer from Texas posted about her experience with Rada Cutlery’s Regular Paring Knife:

“I started buying Rada Cutlery at one of the big Home & Garden Shows because I was tired of cheap knives and of peelers that just didn’t work. This parer is simply the best for the price – you don’t need to spend a fortune on the German brands – this U.S. made knife is every bit as good at a fraction of the price.

The knife stays extremely sharp…. You can keep the blade super sharp by using the Rada sharpner, so there’s no need to replace this knife ever.”

A Rada Kitchen Store shopper from Nebraska has bought many Rada Cutlery knives. She said:

“I have most of them which I bought at Amana, Iowa. Now I want to give them as gifts because they are the best knives. I have CutCo and various other brands but don’t use them. The Rada knives work every day.”

Another Rada knives fan commented on Amazon about the Rada Cutlery Steak Utility Knife Gift Set:

“These are great American-made quality steak knives. Sharp, cut cleanly and well, and look good. After reading about our trade deficit, unemployment problems, tax issues, and all of that, I am really happy to find a great American product to buy and recommend. Why buy foreign, imported knives? These knives are relatively light in weight, fit well in the hand, and cut through steaks the way they should. Fantastic. No reason at all to look to an import.”

Use a Rada Cutlery Steak Knife to enhance your enjoyment!

The Quality of Rada Cutlery

Slicing a chicken breast for a dinner salad.

Our customers tell it like it is. Other cutlery brands simply don’t compare to Rada Cutlery’s quality and value.

Rada’s knife construction features surgical grade quality T420 high carbon stainless steel blades, hand sharpened for a razor sharp edge. Our handles are made in both permanently cast solid Brushed Aluminum with a satin finish (not meant for the dishwasher) as well as Stainless Steel Resin (tolerates the dishwasher better). You will find that all of Rada’s knives feature hollow ground blades to ensure a precision concave surface for maximum edge retention.

Rada Cutlery’s quality lasts through the years. We hear that many customers who started using Rada knives in the 1950s are still using them or have passed them on to their children and grandchildren.

All Rada knives and utensils come with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Rada Cutlery Makes a Great Fundraising Idea!

American Made Rada Cutlery

Since 1948, Rada Cutlery has been the fundraising partner of choice for tens of thousands of nonprofit groups each year. With Rada, groups make a phenomenal 40% profit on all items sold! Between Rada’s usefulness, superior quality, and American manufacture, you’ll have no trouble offering them to supporters.

Our fundraising website has all the information you need to get your group started with Rada!

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Best Cutlery Brand Collage

Once you try Rada Cutlery, you will agree that we offer the very best kitchen knives and utensils for your dollar.

Rada Cutlery makes a great fundraiser, because we offer a 40% profit, three sales options (catalog, event sales, and Internet), easy ordering, and unmatched customer satisfaction.

Learn more about fundraising with Rada Cutlery at our website!

Visit our site to order your own Rada Catalog!

Serious cooks enjoy Rada's Chef Knife.

Cooks Say Rada Knives Are the Best
Article Name
Cooks Say Rada Knives Are the Best
This article discusses why Rada Cutlery products are wildly popular among cooks.


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  1. A great friend introduced me to Rada 14 years ago and I got rid of all the other knives I had (including some very expensive German knives. These are the ONLY knives I have in my house! I recommend them to all of my friends.

    I used to purchase them at a local flea market but recently a non-profit that I’m part of has started a fundraiser with Rada. I recently placed an online order on a Tuesday and they arrived on Friday! Now that’s AWESOME service! Thank you RADA for a superior product at a very affordable price. You Rock!

  2. I got a Rada after a TV special. Best knife I’ve ever had, though there is a running joke in our house as to whether or not one is qualified to use them-we’ve all knicked a finger at least once. Love how sharp they are! My son was helping with dinner the other night and got his finger, ouch! Well he wandered around the house whining and texting all his friends about his bo bo. But still wants to use only them. As a reminder I put a Barney Bandaid on the knife holder (just a reminder) Oh, my son he’s 43.

  3. I can’t believe I found this site talking about Rada knives. I’ve had this one knife for years and never realized it was a Rada. I have a set of Henckels. They’re ok. But this butcher’s knife in a cardboard sleeve had been left behind by my son when he came back home years ago after college. When he left, the knife stayed. It was a long time before I picked it up and actually used it. It was love at first use! I liked that it was one smooth piece… no riveted handle I wouldn’t put in the dishwasher. The handle was thin and I liked that the blade was thin. It was the perfect fit for my small hands. And the blade stays sharp! I could never cut those super thin slices of onion with the Henckle. That sleeve stayed in the drawer when I used it. I feel like an idiot for just NOW noticing that the Rada name was printed on the sleeve. I got right online to look it up. When I saw they were so cheap I was shocked. I expected them to be something I couldn’t afford. So I searched further and came across this site with it’s glowing review of these knives. My son was a prep chef in a very nice restaurant all through college and they had given him this knife. He lives out on the West coast and I’m in Connecticut… that knife is mine! Now after reading this, I can buy more! Sorry this is so long. Just had to rave about this knife… and thank you for confirming that they really are good knives

  4. I have started using Rada Knives about a year ago, seems like I add a new Rada Knife every couple of months. They are incredibly sharp, and I have yet had to sharpen them.. I use a steel, and a strop after each use, but have had no need to resharpen any of them yet. I only hand wash them, and dry them immediately after washing.It’s a real treat to purchase something, and have it work flawlessly…I am very pleased with the Rada product line.

    • Jack, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us! We take great pride in our products and are genuinely thrilled to hear that you’re happy with your cutlery. We look forward to hearing from you again!

  5. I stumbled across your Rada knives at a fair. I thought that they looked, felt very nice. I could not believe the price. I bought both of the parers. I have since purchased the peeler, the tomato knifen and the cake lifter. I was so impressed, that I then purchased a couple of knives for family members. The price point is incredible for the quality of these knives. Very glad that I found them.

    • Carol,

      Thanks so much for your kind words! We work hard to ensure our products are of unbeatable quality, while also cutting out the middlemen to ensure low prices. We’re glad that you discovered Rada Cutlery, and hope that our products are part of your kitchen for years to come!

  6. It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I am satisfied that you simply shared this helpful info with us. The Rada Knives is a nice looking blade. I’m still looking for my next blade and this might be one of those going on the top of the list .Rada Knife Set would have to be good for a knife sharpener.I’m really happy with the rade knives and you get all the essentials you’ll need, especially for an occasional cook. They’re sturdy, keep their edge, have good grips, and the carrying case is a nice plus as well.