Rada Cutlery vs. Cutco


This blog post compares Rada Cutlery and Cutco, allowing you to decide which are the most important features for you.

Deciding What’s Important

If you’re looking for American-made cutlery, Rada and Cutco are two of your top options. Each company has varying products, varying price points, and a varying number of products that are made in the USA.

Quality You can Count On! 

When companies show what their knife blades are made from, they typically list  metal types, and that’s usually described with a number. Chances are you’re not an expert in metals (but if you are, that’s very impressive). How can you tell, then, which knives are the best?

  • Should you opt for stainless steel?
  • What do numbers like 420 refer to?
  • What exactly is carbon and why is it in knives?

A quick and simple knife blade crash course: 

  • 420 is a GRADE of stainless steel, frequently used for kitchen and outdoor knives because of its superb ABILITY TO RESIST CORROSION.
  • Carbon is a chemical element that determines the knife blade’s HARDNESS.
  • Stainless steel is preferred by many home cooks and expert chefs because of its DURABILITY.

What’s in a Guarantee?

When you’re investing in something that you’ll use every day, you want to:

  • be assured the item is of GOOD QUALITY.
  • feel confident it will stand up to EVERYDAY USE.
  • know it will last a LONG time. Maybe even forever.
  • have a guarantee, WITHOUT PAYING EXTRA for it.

The Bottom Line!

Check out the company’s guarantee. If they’re guaranteeing their product, they believe in it for as long as the guarantee lasts. A 10-year guarantee will give you about 10 years of use. With a lifetime guarantee, you should expect to use those knives for a lifetime.

Manufactured in Iowa since 1948. Location Made in New York since 1949.
ALL PRODUCTS are 100% made in America. This means every Rada Cutlery product–AND the materials used in making it–come from America. Made in the USA ALL KNIVES are made in America. Some Cutco products may be imported or have globally sourced materials.
 Lifetime Guarantee:
Rada Mfg. Co. will replace any product manufactured by our company returned due to defects in material or workmanship.
Guarantee The Forever Guarantee:
If at any time you are not satisfied with the performance of your product, Cutco will correct the problem or replace the product (in-home use).
T420 high-carbon stainless steel Blade Material 440A high-carbon stainless steel
All available with either silver aluminum or black resin handles. Some also available with larger ergonomic Anthem Wave handles in black resin. Handle Types All made from highly engineered thermo-resin and available in classic (dark brown) and pearl colors. Some also available in red.

If straight-edge blades need sharpening, you can do it at home with Rada’s easy-to-use, inexpensive Quick Edge Knife Sharpener.

Knife Sharpening Sharpen straight-edge knives with Cutco Sharpener, or box up your knives and ship them to Cutco; Cutco will sharpen them for free with a nominal return shipping fee.
Essential Oak Block Set:
Includes oak block with seven larger knives. Six slots remain empty for your choice of small paring knives or steak knives (sold separately).

Block set:

Includes oak block with ten cutlery pieces.


  • Rada Cutlery has been helping groups with successful fundraisers since 1948, offering products that can be used daily in any kitchen. And regardless of the type or size of your group–or the age of your group members–there’s a fundraising option to fit your needs. Read more here.
  • Interested in selling Rada Cutlery? People have been doing it for decades! Visit our Reseller website.


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