What a great time to bring your kids to the local Children’s Theatre and enjoy a show!

Many cities have a community theater program that also includes a children’s theatre. These programs put on multiple performances each year by actors and performers from the local area.

Why Children’s Theatres Need Fundraising

Expenses that go into community theaters include costume rentals or purchases, set and prop purchases, and building maintenance. Costs to put on a community performance can add up quickly.

These theaters and playhouses typically run off of ticket sales and sponsors. At times, though, they still need additional funding. These community programs then turn to fundraising.

Community theaters and children’s theaters can count on Rada Cutlery as a reliable and profitable fundraiser.

Rada Cutlery is the Best Fundraiser

A children’s theater from Virginia chose Rada:

“We have a large cast and will need 50 catalogs so all of our actors can have one to sell from. If you can send some extra forms that would help too. Please let us know if there’s a cost for these and we will pay for them. We are a non-profit.”

That theater as well as several others have prospered following fundraising with Rada. Here’s why:

Rada Cutlery makes a great theatre fundraiser

Rada Cutlery is Very Profitable!

All groups that fundraise with Rada earn back a 40% profit. Incredible! You’re able to earn that profit back, because with Rada, there are no middle men to work with. You work directly with the factory every time.

Cheese Knife from Rada is a great seller

Rada’s Quality Products are Affordable!

Rada Cutlery is easy to sell not only because of its quality but also because of its affordability. For instance, our Regular Paring knife, which is our top seller and known for its long-lasting durability, is only $4.25! Your customers will be eager to purchase items with lifetime guarantees like ours.

Rada Cutlery is made from surgical quality, high carbon stainless steel blades that have been hand-sharpened for a razor sharp edge. The hollow ground blades ensure a precision concave surface for maximum edge retention.

Our knives come in either permanently cast solid-brushed aluminum or black stainless steel resin.

Rada's items are very versatile

Rada Offers a Wide Selection of Kitchen Products!

You won’t believe the wide variety of cutlery we offer. Here are just a few of the knives and kitchen utensils your customers can purchase through your Rada fundraiser:

  • 6 different Paring Knives
  • Tomato Slicer
  • Vegetable Peelers
  • Meat Knives
  • Bread Knives
  • Steak Knives
  • Chef Knives
  • Hunting & Fishing Knives
  • Spatulas
  • Non-Scratch Utensils
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Cook’s Spoons
  • Tons of gift sets! Perfect for weddings and presents.

Not only do we offer several fantastic knives and kitchen utensils, but we also offer quick mixes, cookbooks, and stoneware!!

  • Quick Mixes: Our quick mixes are packets of food mix that you only need to add a few separate ingredients to. These include soups, dips, sauces, cheesecakes, pound cakes, and cheeseballs.
  • Cookbooks: You won’t find cookbooks like ours anywhere else! We have offerings for outdoor enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, and families on the go.
  • Stoneware: Give the gift of stoneware to a passionate cook and they’ll find that they can achieve superior baking!

Get Started with Your Fundraiser!

Getting started with Rada Cutlery is easy. Check out our website to learn more about us. Then request a catalog to share Rada’s fundraising products with members of your group.  Your free inquiry packet will include the fundraising catalog, order form, order taker and EASY Guide – everything you need to understand the program.

Choose the Best Fundraiser!

The Rada Cutlery fundraising logo.

Rada Cutlery has been fundraising with tens of thousands of groups each year since 1948. Groups that fundraise with Rada make an enormous 40% profit on each sale, while the superior products will have supporters begging for more. Here are just a few of Rada’s fundraising advantages:

  • Deal directly with the manufacturer, cutting out middlemen and saving your group time and money
  • Offer your supporters American-made products renowned for their quality and value
  • Work a company built around top-quality fundraising
  • Utilize any number of several distinct sales methods, playing to your group’s strengths and maximizing profit

Groups that fundraise with Rada include schools, churches, youth groups, civic organizations, charities, sports teams, and many more.

Check out our fundraising catalog to learn more about Rada products and fundraisers!


Check out the Rada Cutlery EASY guide to learn more about why a Rada fundraiser is what’s best for your group!

Rada's fundraising EASY guide.