Community centers serve a crucial function in countless towns, cities, and counties across America. A good community center can satisfy an array of local needs, including:

  • Serve as central gathering spaces for community functions
  • Serve as social hubs for community members to meet and interact with one another
  • Banquet rooms and meeting areas for various events
  • Provides room for classes to improve the skills and lives of community members
  • Wellness centers to improve local health and fitness
  • Activity centers with game tables (pool, ping pong)
  • Screening room for film and television presentations
  • Daycare facilities
  • Sports facilities such as swimming pools, basketball courts, and tennis courts

These are just a few community center functions that make them indispensable parts of American life. Of course, building and maintaining a community center can be costly, and funds aren’t always readily available. That’s where Rada Cutlery comes in!

The Best Community Center Fundraiser!

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Rada Cutlery offers a fundraising program for nonprofit groups and organizations that can’t be beat. Whether fundraising for a new community center, a church, a scout troop, or a sports team, Rada Cutlery has you covered.

Why Fundraise with Rada Cutlery?

Rada Cutlery is the partner of choice for tens of thousands of groups every year. Here are five reasons why Rada Cutlery offers the best fundraiser you can find:

1. Enormous 40% Profit on All Sales – Rada offers a substantial 40% profit on every sale you make. With Rada, not only does every little bit of effort not only counts, but it counts for a lot!

2. Awesome Kitchen Products – Rada Cutlery offers 26 amazing pieces of cutlery. But that’s not all! We also offer 21 kitchen utensils, 42 recipe books, and six stoneware baking pans. Then there are 43 delicious Quick Mixes and 28 gift sets that are perfect for all occasions!

See all of the fundraising products your team will be selling in the fundraising catalog (pictured below).


3. The Best Customer Service – Rada’s customer service representatives are the best around! You’ll find them to be friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help you every step of the way.

4. Three Profitable Ways to Sell – When partnering with Rada, you’ll find a variety of options designed to maximize your profits by utilizing the strengths of each group member. There’s the conventional catalog sales method, where group members get Rada fundraiser catalogs and take orders from friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. The group can also fundraise through events, offering Rada items for sale on the spot, allowing supporters to view and observe Rada’s high quality for themselves. Then there’s our online fundraising option, which allows you to easily reach out to those both close and faraway so supporters can simply order our products online, with you profits going to your group!

5. American-Made Products – Every item offered by Rada Cutlery is 100% made in the USA. Your supporters will love the chance to buy and use American-made products!

Learn More About Fundraising!

Rada Mfg. Co. has been helping groups of all kinds fundraise since 1948!  What that means for your fundraiser is that you are working directly with a manufacturer that has built our entire company around helping groups raise money.  You will see that our system is easy and our service is top notch (99% of all orders ship in 2 working days)!

You can learn about Rada’s fundraising program by going to the Rada Cultery website or by reading our Fundraising Leader’s Guide (pictured below).

Rada's fundraising EASY guide.

Start a Fundraiser Today

A delicious steak with a Rada Serrated Steak Knife.

Starting a Rada Cutlery fundraiser is easy:

  1. Request your free information packet. This will go into further detail and provide all the information you need.
  2. Order your fundraising materials. Depending on what kind of sales methods you are using, this could mean you are shipped catalogs, products, or both.
  3. Start your fundraiser. Let everyone know you’re fundraising with Rada Cutlery. Many know the Rada name and will jump at the chance to support your efforts.
  4. Submit your total order. Tally everything up and send it in. For sales over $1000, we have a convenient simple sorted order system to make the process a snap.
  5. Receive and distribute products. They’ll ship within two days, and then you can give your supporters what they ordered.

Visit our fundraising website to get your Rada Cutlery fundraiser started!

The Best Fundraising Products!

When you fund raise with Rada Cutlery, you do so with a company whose products are second-to-none.  Below are some of the popular kitchen products your supporters will be purchasing from your fundraiser.

Tomato Slicer

The popular Rada Tomato Slicer.

No Rada Cutlery item is as celebrated as the incredible Tomato Slicer. Its dual-serrated blade allows you to get perfect slices of tomato and other foods with absolutely no squishing!

Vegetable Peeler

Rada Vegetable Peeler in Action

Vegetables are a snap to peel with this fantastic Vegetable Peeler! Designed for right and left-handed users, the steel blade and innovative design make peeling a pleasure.

Pizza Cutter

A versatile Rada Pizza Cutter.

The versatile Rada Pizza Cutter is perfect for cutting pizzas, bread, desserts, and more!



The Handi-Stir is a stainless steel hand mixer that’s the best you can find anywhere! Its unique design makes it great for mixing batters, eggs, sauces, and much more.

Rectangular Baker

Rada Stoneware Baker

This fabulous 9″ x 13″ stoneware pan ensures you get the perfect cook every time! Made from a lead-free, proprietary clay mixture, it absorbs heat for an even baking temperature, resulting in even more delicious food.

Regular Paring

The #1-best-selling Rada Paring Knife.

The best-selling Regular Paring knife is ideal for any cook! The hand-sharpened blade makes it useful for use with nearly any recipe you can think of.

Grapefruit Knife

The innovative Rada Grapefruit Knife cuts into a grapefruit.

The Rada Grapefruit Knife features an angled tip and double-sided blade that easily cuts your favorite citrus fruits.